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Tuesday Tales

Welcome to Tuesday Tales!!

We’re back with Jaiden’s story as she tries to track down the mystery that spooked Mitz.


Jaiden hovered next to Glenn as he adjusted the microscope to examine the hair she’d found on Mitz. His hair was disheveled as always and spots of coffee sprinkled the front of his lab coat.

“Well?” she prodded as he fussed with the nobs.

“No follicles.” He jotted something on the paper beside him. “So we can’t do DNA to identify it.”

“Oh.” That was disappointing. It was always nice to have a slamdunk when describing a sighted animal. It appears to be a bobcat. Keep an eye on small pets and children, they can be aggressive. Or it’s raccoon. Usually non-threatening. If it’s bothering your garbage, lock the lid or keep it inside at night. If it’s acting strangely, stay away, they can carry rabies. When they couldn’t identify the animal, people’s imaginations cranked into overdrive.

“Anything else you can tell me?”

Glenn turned from the scope and plopped on a nearby rolling stool. “Not much. It’s really long. Longer than I’ve seen on most animals around here. You said you found it on a German shepherd?”

“Yeah. I’m sure it wasn’t the dog’s fur. It was clinging to her.”

Glenn nodded, blinking his eyes as he contemplated the new information. “The shaft doesn’t look like dog hair.”

“What could it be then?”

Glenn adjusted his glasses and wrinkled his nose at the microscope. “A bear with some type of shedding problem?”

“That sheds in large, long clumps? This looks like something I yanked off a hairbrush.” Jaiden picked up the plastic bag with the rest of the sample. She’d save it with the mysterious creature file.

“Horse tail or mane? Maybe the dog was in someone else’s house or got near the garbage?” Glenn removed the sample from the microscope and handed it back to Jaiden. “Sorry I can’t be more help.”

“At least we know what it isn’t. I’d really like to know what spooked the dog. It’d help Pam with treating her. And if there’s a large, wild animal out there, I’d like to be prepared when I go back to look for the butterfly.”

“Gotcha,” Glenn said. “My guess is that you’ll recognize this one because he’s wearing bright orange. Probably a hunter got disoriented and ended up stumbling past the house.”

“In the middle of the night?” Jaiden sealed the hair back in its bag. “Pam did say she’d heard some truck-like noises.”

“Stranger things have happened. People do all kinds of weird things in the national forests.”

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  1. The national forest is a hotbed of strange activity! 🙂

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    1. Bring the blueberry bagels.


  2. I’m wondering who’s wandering around the house. Glad the dog is okay.


  3. Flossie Benton Rogers · ·

    This mystery gets deeper. I can’t wait to find out the answer. Well done.


  4. So true. Now my curiosity is cranked into overdrive!


  5. I’m quite curious about this mystery as well!


  6. It’s a little scary, the idea of people doing strange things in forests. Want to have the mystery solved. I need to know!

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  7. wow! this is awesome. I love it. very intriguing!! Jillian


  8. Great snippet! I got so engrossed reading it that I forgot to look for the prompt. Good job, Joselyn!


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