Friday Fun with Heather Gray

Friday Fun…

10 Random Questions with Heather Gray


  1. Tropical Island or Cabin in the Woods? Cabin in the Woods…with lots of bug spray!
  2. Coffee or tea? Coffee with cream, no sugar…yum!
  3. Superman or Batman? Batman rocks! All that ability and no super powers? Love him!
  4. Cook dinner or wash dishes? I’d rather cook, but I get the joy of doing both. ^_^
  5. Walking Dead or Once a Upon a Time? I’ve never seen WD, but I’m pretty fond of Once Upon a Time.
  6. Snow day or spring break? I home school. We don’t have either. ^_^
  7. Handwriting or typing? I like to write, but I can type so much faster!
  8. Ten minutes early or twenty minutes late? “Ten minutes early is five minutes late.” Um…if I’m not fifteen minutes early, I’ll be apologizing for being late.
  9. Dogs or cats? It’s a toss up. I like both, but I probably prefer cats because they’re more independent. Maybe when I don’t have any kids at home I’ll be more interested in having a dog again.
  10. Five star resort or tent? How about rustic cabin with no electricity? A 5-star resort is way too fancy for me. I’d never fit in. Neither do I want to sleep in a tent…

An Informal Introduction coverShe saves lives. He protects them. And someone’s trying to stop them both.

Lily Ziminski is an ICU nurse near the nation’s capital where politics are a regular part of hospital policy. Assigned a series of high-profile patients, she finds herself an unwilling focus of the media. Lily would much rather do without all the attention…except where one cowboy-hat-wearing state trooper is concerned.

Caleb Graham runs into the same captivating nurse twice in one day, and he’s not a man who believes in coincidence. When problems at a local impound lot force him into the middle of a bizarre case that threatens Lily, Caleb will stop at nothing to protect her.

From a stranger in a parking garage to Secret Service agents, surprise chases Lily around every corner. In the midst of the chaos, she has two constants – her longtime faith in God, and her growing attraction for a silver-eyed trooper.

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  2. Thanks for having me Joselyn! 🙂


  3. Ann Ellison · ·

    Fun interview. I love Heather’s books and really enjoyed An Informal Introduction.


    1. Thank you for stopping by Ann! I’m so glad you enjoyed the book! ^_^


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