Friday Fun with M. A. Foxworthy

Friday Fun

10 Random Questions with Michelle Foxworthy

  1. Tropical Island or Cabin in the Woods?

Although I love the ocean, the idea of tropical puts me off; it sounds hot and humid. Now if it had been a cottage on a rocky coast in Maine, I would have chosen that, but since that wasn’t an option I’ll choose the cabin in the woods.

  1. Coffee or tea?

Tea. I love the smell of coffee but I never could get used to the flavor.

  1. Superman or Batman?

I have very little real knowledge of either, but I would think Bat Man would be my choice. You’ve got to appreciate a guy that can create all those gadgets.

  1. Cook dinner or wash dishes?

I love them both so much it’s hard to choose. 😉 Seriously I am not gifted in the kitchen.  If someone else will cook I will gladly do the dishes

  1. Walking Dead or Once a Upon a Time?

I haven’t watched an episode of either, I prefer British murder mysteries, but I would watch Once Upon a Time. I’ve always liked fairy tales.

  1. Snow day or spring break?

Since I homeschool I don’t get snow days. I’ll go with spring break.

  1. Handwriting or typing?

Typing. Even though I’m not a very fast typist, it’s still faster than hand writing. And It slows down my thinking when writing a book.

  1. Ten minutes early or twenty minutes late?

Twenty minutes late. It’s rude, I know, but I hate to get any place early. It just means I have to stay longer. That’s my introvert talking. 🙂

  1. Dogs or cats?

Dogs.  Have a friend who is a crime scene detective, he says that a cat will eat its dead owner.

  1. Five star resort or tent?

Definitely the resort.  I have a fear of bugs and using the bathroom outdoors.


Village Green cover    Kelsey stood in a long line of ragged people waiting to receive her meager rations for the week.

Kelsey Cooper, a girl of fourteen, lives with her father in the village of Green, a ran-down community of small cob dwellings and outdoor toilets. It offers its inhabitants few comforts but many restrictions.

Kelsey and her beloved father live alone since the death of her mother, a teacher who became a threat to the authoritarian powers that be. She and her friends, Rosy and Derek, are now at the age of full-citizenship, meaning that they will be given their life-long positions in the society.

Everything in Kelsey’s life is well regulated and uneventful until the day that she and Derek decide to visit the ruined city outside the limits of their village. There Kelsey finds the journal of Henry Martin and her eyes are opened to life as she knows or thought she knew.

This one seemingly accidental event is the spark that sets her world on fire. Finding out that Derek and his family are part of an underground resistance, that her best friend Rosy has been brain-washed, and that her mother is still alive is astonishing enough, but nothing compares to finding out that she is the prophesied liberator of her people.

Does Kelsey have the courage to leave everything she knows and everyone she loves to fulfill her destiny?

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