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I misread the schedule last week, so this week is actually the picture prompt post and I actually have the picture!


“Would you like me to take care of these for you?” Harris’s gaze took in the mountain of dishes flowing out of the sink and across the small counter.

“You don’t have to. I’ll get to them sometime.” Probably tonight actually, since all four of her bowls were in the stack and the main food staple in her pantry was cereal.

“I don’t mind.” Harris was already rolling up his sleeves. As he turned on the tap and tested the water, he said, “Why don’t you have seat? I ordered Chinese for dinner. I’m sure there will be plenty to share.”

“You’ll make some woman very happy some day.” Jaiden was too tired to refuse such a generous offer. Hot food instead of cuddling with her cookie jar was too tempting. She laid her crutches on the floor and crashed on the couch. It took a few minutes to arrange the throw pillows into a comfortable position, but once she was settled, she didn’t want to contemplate moving. “I’m going to owe you big time when I trade in my crutches.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Harris said, pumping into the filling sink. “You’d do the same for me.”

Jaiden closed her eyes, grateful for a moment to just relax. “How’s work going?” If she didn’t start talking, she’d fall asleep. Harris was a nice guy, but she didn’t feel comfortable sleeping with him in her apartment.

“Not as well as I would like. The equipment keeps breaking down. Every morning it’s something else. We lose half the day trying to repair it.”

Jaiden cracked an eye open. Where had Harris found rubber gloves? Did he bring them from his apartment? She couldn’t remember owning a pair. “That’s frustrating.”

“Yeah. My team is getting restless. One of the guys plans to camp at the sight tonight.”



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  1. Nice snippet! I’m intrigued about how it’s going to go with these two. Great way to use the picture prompt!

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    1. Thanks! There’s trouble ahead.

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  2. Great snippet! I’m curious about how it’s going to work out with these two as well.

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  3. Nice use of picture prompt. Excellent scene. I love a man who does dishes. Looking forward to finding out who’s sabotaging his equipment.

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  4. Thanks!


  5. Uh oh. A stranger in her house with rubber gloves he brought himself? I’m uneasy. In fact, downright scared. Is he a serial killer? He’s up to something. Otherwise, why bring rubber gloves. The snippet is giving me chills.

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  6. Ahh…enter the other man. I think.


  7. Great snippet. I just love a man who does the dishes.


  8. Flossie Benton Rogers · ·

    Love the line about hot food instead of camping with her cookie jar!


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