Friday Fun with Ann Evans


Friday Fun…

 10 Random Questions with Ann Evans


Tropical Island or Cabin in the Woods?

A tropical island would be nice for a day or two, then I’d get bored of just lazing around. So a cabin in the woods would be more interesting and more inspirational if you’re looking for a new story. Although one of my books is based on a tropical island – ‘A Tropical Affair’. The hardback version is under my pen name of Ann Carroll.

 Coffee or tea?

I’ll drink tea at any time of the day or night and with my meals, although I’ve heard that drinking tea with a meal impairs the body from extracting all the nutrients from the food. But then we’re always being told what’s good for us and what isn’t. I only drink coffee occasionally and I really have to be in the mood for it. Then sweet and creamy.

Superman or Batman?

Batman for me, because he’s human and doesn’t have super-powers. I wasn’t so mad on the Batman and Robin TV series of years ago, but do appreciate the darker Batman films of recent years.

Cook dinner or wash dishes?

Wash dishes I think, and have someone cook for me. Or have a really nice dinner out and do neither.

 Walking Dead or Once a Upon a Time?

I hate zombie films, a really don’t like all that gore! Give me a lovely ‘Once Upon a Time’ story any time.

 Snow day or spring break?

I’m happy to choose both here. Snowy scenes are so beautiful, and the gardens and trees are magical in the snow. But then again, seeing the spring flowers bursting through, buds on trees and birds singing is wonderful too. I sound a bit mushy don’t I! You’d never believe I write mystery and thrillers more than romance!!

Handwriting or typing?

Typing most definitely. I write a lot in shorthand, which has ruined my handwriting. So typing is quick and legible. And I like the actual action of tapping on keys.

 Ten minutes early or twenty minutes late?

Well it depends on the importance of the meeting. If it’s important then it’s more like half an hour early – to be on the safe side.  But for everyday stuff, it’s usually ten minutes late.

Dogs or cats?

I love all animals, and have had dogs and cats as pets. But I really do love dogs. They are incredible animals. As an article writer, I’ve written a lot about the work they do assisting us in a multitude of ways.

Five star resort or tent?

It used to be a tent – we would always go camping when my children were young, and while that was fun, given the option these days, it would be a five star resort.



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A time slip thriller for young adults.

Megan Miller doesn’t believe in ghosts or in reincarnation. But that soon changes after moving to a new city and a new school. It starts with feelings of déjà vu. Vague feelings at first that remain annoyingly just out of reach. Then the flashbacks start – memories of ancient times and fragmented dreams of when she had been called Celeste.

Then comes the haunting. After visiting the old bombed out cathedral, Megan believes some dark ominous presence is haunting her, following her, whispering in her ear. And always the same question, where did you hide it?

Megan becomes entwined in a frightening and heartbreaking world as she slips uncontrollable between her present life and her medieval past. But the links are fiercely strong and she fears that a new friend is actually a past enemy – and evil has followed her through the centuries.


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