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Marshall took a swig of his drink and swung around to face the bustling dining room. Three boys in baseball uniforms scrambled past them, shouting dibs on an arcade game. “So this is what came to mind when you thought of a place for a night out on the town for two swinging bachelors?”

Tony shrugged. “Beer is half price until seven.”

“I thought you were trying to introduce me to single women. I doubt there’s an unattached woman here over the age of twenty-one.”

“A might bit picky.” Tony took a pull from his beer. “Oh, I forgot about Miss-lake-water eyes. Well, she’s probably not here.”

“Not unless she has three kids.” Marshall moved his knees to the side as a set of triplets dashed past him wielding a basket of French Fries, ketchup, and mustard. The last girl waved the squirt bottle of mustard like a lasso.

“Does that mean you were looking?” Tony asked.

“I’m never not looking.”

“We are talking about women?” Tony ribbed. “Not gigantopicithecus.”

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  1. Nice. Love the new dinosaur word at the end. Missed the picture though.

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    1. I jumped ahead a week on the prompt list by mistake.

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  2. Gigant a whopper us? Now that’s a new name for Sasquatch. I like the casual easy tone of this scene.

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  3. I did learn that giganto-whatever isn’t really the scientific name for Sasquatch. It’s actually a giant prehistoric ape that Sasquatch may have evolved from. The things you learn from procrastination. 🙂


  4. Sometimes procrastination works in our favor. Nice excerpt.


  5. That was a very enjoyable excerpt!


  6. Flossie Benton Rogers · ·

    Love the miss lake water eyes!


  7. Still haven’t figured out how to pronounce that dino yet. But I love the “I’m never not looking.” Love a guy who wants to find a woman. Made me smile.


  8. Nice job! (PS – So glad I wasn’t the only one that used the wrong prompt. I just went backwards & used the prior weeks. Fortunately mine was easy to fix with an edit or two.)
    Love the dino name!

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