Friday Fun with Trisha Faye

Friday Fun…

10 Random Questions with Trisha Faye

  • Tropical Island or Cabin in the Woods?

Both please! It must be my Gemini twins. Water and earth are both necessary to my soul. They both heal and soothe and are needed at different times. Without either, I’d wither away.

  • Coffee or tea?

Definitely tea, but only if it’s either green tea or herbal. Coffee….yuck. (Sorry, coffee lovers! I’ll save it all for you.)

  • Superman or Batman?

I’d have to go with Batman. Must be all those Batman shows I watched growing up. (Although, truthfully, it was always Robin I had the crush on.)

  • Cook dinner or wash dishes?

Cook dinner, definitely.

  • Walking Dead or Once Upon a Time?

Once Upon a Time! Nothing spooky, scary, or gorey for this wimp.

  • Snow day or spring break?

Spring break, definitely! Snow days are for hibernating. I think I was a bear in a prior life. I’d love to sleep my way through winter and wake up when it’s spring time.

  • Handwriting or typing?

Both. It depends what I’m working on. I handwrite out most early drafts and outlines. Once it’s on the computer, then I finish the rest on the computer. Except for editing, which is once again done by hand.

  • Ten minutes early or twenty minutes late?

I used to be a twenty minutes late person. Until I went back to college in my 30’s. I had a professor that locked the door at class time. We weren’t allowed a single minute late. That broke me of my tardy habit. Although I’m still not quite a ten minutes early. I’m more of a sliding in at one minute till type.

  • Dogs or cats?

Here’s another change in my life. I used to be a dog person only. Then I moved to Texas into a house with many cats. And many more have joined us since then. All rescued kittens from the ferals outside. I think my energy’s been converted to cat energy.

  • Five star resort or tent?

Perhaps something in between? I’m not really a five star resort person. I love being outdoors and in nature. But…I really prefer an RV or camper, instead of tent. I really like my real mattress, indoor bathroom and shower. Even though I co-wrote a book about being a trail angel for hikers, I’d make a horrible thru-hiker myself.


Trail Angel MamaTrail Angel Mama:

Trail magic; kindnesses from the hearts of strangers add magic to hiker’s journeys. This magic is often small – a bottle of water, a ride into town, a candy bar. Sometimes the generosity is a meal or a bed for the night.

The Holman’s, day hikers themselves, live near the Pacific Crest Trail. They searched for a way to give back to their community. When they gave another hiker a ride into town and he asked about a laundromat, it opened up a new journey for them. Opening their home for washing clothes, eating a hot meal, and offering a bed (or a couch) for the night gave them more than they ever expected.

Their world expanded as they met hikers from across the nation, and from around the world. Hearts were warmed with the sharing of evenings tales and the hikers soon gave Sue her own trail name – Trail Angel Mama.

Step inside and see the Pacific Crest Trail from the other side of hiking, as Trail Angel Mama tells her story of this new and exciting venture. The Holman’s discovered a new world in this journey as the hiker’s appreciation touched their hearts in an unexpected way. They set out to share their blessings with other hikers. Instead, they discovered that they were the ones being blessed.


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  1. Thanks for having me as a guest at Friday Fun, Joselyn!

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    I’m a guest at Friday Fun today. Stop by as Joselyn Vaughn tries to get find out more about me.

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  3. Love it! Especially the cat-conversion! I love felines! Jillian

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  4. Thanks Jillian! Oh, the cat stories I could tell…We keep joking that there’s an invisible sign outdoors that says ‘Leave your Kittens Here’.


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