Friday Fun with Tricia Andersen

Friday Fun.
10 Random Questions with Tricia Andersen

  1.    Tropical Island or Cabin in the Woods? A tropical island, preferably with warm sunshine, a good book and a cabana boy (or two!).
  2.    Coffee or tea? Coffee. Coffee is my life blood. I’m accused of being an addict. Those that accuse me are probably right.
  3.    Superman or Batman? Wonder Woman. Lol! Superman. I really don’t know why.
  4.    Cook dinner or wash dishes? I like to cook so I would opt to cook over washing dishes.
  5.    Walking Dead or Once a Upon a Time?  Ooh, tough choice. I love them both. Right now I’m watching Walking Dead more so I’ll go with Walking Dead.
  6.    Snow day or spring break? Snow day. I actually hate winter but there’s something peaceful about watching snow fall with no place to be.
  7.    Handwriting or typing? Handwriting. I wish I could translate hand written pages to type!
  8.    Ten minutes early or twenty minutes late? I’d like to be ten minutes early but I’m usually late.
  9.    Dogs or cats? Both. I have two cats but I love dogs.
  10.    Five star resort or tent? I’d have to say five star resort. I’m not much of a camper.



troublesThe Troubles

Tricia Andersen

While Sloan and Abbey are in Las Vegas to celebrate Gordon and Mary’s wedding, an enemy from Sloan’s past nearly kills her. Sloan is forced to do the unthinkable—he files for divorce. He moves Sloan Enterprises to Switzerland, far away from the woman he loves to save her.

Three years pass. When Sloan invites Robert to Switzerland to celebrate his fortieth birthday, he learns shocking news—Robert is living with Abbey. Refusing to lose Abbey, Sloan relocates the company to Minneapolis, Minnesota, where Abbey is living and makes her the Chief Operating Officer. He fights against his desire for her as he contends with her two new beaus, her hostile family, his own new girlfriend, and Amelia, his four-year-old daughter.

When his enemy makes another attempt on Abbey’s life, will Sloan be able to save her—or is this a war he just can’t win?




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  1. Tricia!!! One of my favorite writers! It’s always fun to find out more about the person behind the pen. Thanks Tricia & Joselyn.
    PS. I’ll send you my snow day.


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