Friday Fun with Krysten Lindsay Hager

Friday Fun…

10 Random Questions with…Krysten Lindsay Hager

  1. Tropical Island or Cabin in the Woods?

I actually lived on a sub-tropical island in the Atlantic before, so I’d say island. I lived on one of the Portuguese islands for three years. The downside was not having English bookstores, so I used to order books from the online booksellers and stalk the Portuguese newsstands for any magazines printed in English.

  1. Coffee or tea?

Tea. I like to mix white tea with mint tea, but I’m the type of person you can’t make a cup of tea for because there’s never been anyone who has made it right for me—haha!

  1. Superman or Batman?

Superman. My favorites are Brandon Routh and Christopher Reeve. Dean Cain was also great in the TV role. However my all-time favorite superhero is Wonder Woman.

  1. Cook dinner or wash dishes?

Cooking dinner. Washing dishes kind of grosses me out.

  1. Walking Dead or Once a Upon a Time?

I don’t watch either show actually. I don’t like zombies, so probably Once Upon a Time. I did see an episode of that once and it was pretty good.

  1. Snow day or spring break?

Snow day. I’m from Michigan and there was nothing like a snow day to interrupt the school week. It seemed like every minute of a snow day was precious. My favorite part was my mom coming in to tell me I could go back to sleep. My worst snow day was in 9th grade when I was up, showered, dressed, and had my makeup on and contacts in and they finally called school off. I was standing there thinking, “I put in all this effort—do I wash my face and go back to bed or stay up for the day? And why did my hair turn out so perfect on a day when no one will see it?”

  1. Handwriting or typing?

Typing simply because my handwriting can be hard to read.

  1. Ten minutes early or twenty minutes late?

Twenty minutes late. Getting places too early gives me anxiety. People are kinder to those who are late than those who are early. Come in too early and you get the side eye and feel like you’re in the way. Much easier to slink in late unnoticed than to show up early.

  1. Dogs or cats?

Depends on the dog. My husband says I like any dog small enough to fit in a purse.

  1. Five star resort or tent?

Five star resort. I slept in a camper once in middle school and it did not go well. It was one of those ones that open up and they have the tent-like features. There was dew overnight and it got in my hair. I got called for an emergency babysitting job that morning and had to throw my hair in a side braid so I wouldn’t look disgusting to show up to my neighbor’s house.


LandryinLike453X680Landry in Like by Krysten Lindsay Hager

Series Info: The Landry’s True Colors Series is a clean reads young adult humor series about friendship, self-esteem, fitting in, middle school and high school, frenemies, crushes, and self-image. It’s clean reads book so it’s suitable for ages 10 and up.

Genre: contemporary clean teen/preteen fiction

Blurb: Things seem to be going well in Landry Albright’s world—she’s getting invited to be on local talk shows to talk about her modeling career, her best friends have her back, and her boyfriend Vladi has becoming someone she can truly count on…and then everything changes. Suddenly it seems like most of the girls in school are into hanging out at a new teen dance club, while Landry just wants to spend her weekends playing video games and baking cupcakes at sleepovers. Then, Yasmin McCarty, the most popular girl in school, starts to come between Landry’s friendship with Ashanti. Things take a turn when Yasmin tells Vladi that Landry is interested in another boy. Can Landry get her relationships with Ashanti and Vladi back or will she be left out and left behind?

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Author bio: Krysten Lindsay Hager is the author of the Landry’s True Colors Series, a clean reads young adult series and the new Star Series. Krysten writes about  friendship, self-esteem, fitting in, middle school and high school, frenemies, modeling, crushes, values, and self-image in True Colors, Best Friends…Forever? And Landry in Like, as well as in, Next Door to a Star (Star Series). Her sequel to Next Door to a Star will be out March 22 2016. Follow her on her website at:


  1. Hi Krysten. Good to meet you. I get the idea from your fun post that it’s all about the hair. Oh yes. My hair is always perfect when I’m not going out or even chatting with neighbors. Of course, that may just be in my own mind, but pretty sure. Just like cleaning the house and noone comes over, but when it’s a wreck, surprise visitors appear at the door. Your book cover is eye-catching. Makes sense it is so colorful with a title series of true colors. I like the topics your stories cover. So important for the YA group. Best wishes on your series!!


  2. Thank you for your sweet comment! This series is very close to my heart. Thanks!


  3. jeff7salter · ·

    enjoyed your answers, Krysten. But I guess I’m NOT one of those “nice” people when you’d come in 20 mins. late. I’d likely be the one glaring at you!


  4. Women tend not to like people arriving early when they’re doing last minute prep 😉

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