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Tuesday Tales

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We’re back with Marshall to see what he discovered behind the kitchen door.

“It’s not so much think as deducing from evidence. A gash like that doesn’t just happen.” The cut had stopped bleeding but the gash was at least an inch long and gaping wide open. “I’m pretty sure this is going to need stitches. Let me take you to the emergency room.” Marshall helped Hilda to her feet and made sure she was steady enough to walk. He guided her to the front door.

“Oh no, Mister Marshall, take my car. I don’t want to get blood in your car.”

Marshall shook his head. “I have a good housekeeper. I’m sure she can take care of it.”

“That’s a good one.” Hilda laughed, then winced at the movement of her head.

Once he got her settled into the sports car and was sure she was comfortable, he took the driver’s seat and headed for the hospital.

During the drive his mind finally had a chance to process. The break-in at his office, the attack on Hilda. He knew someone had jimmied the front lock. What was going on?

He hadn’t checked the rest of the house to see what else had happened. Had someone been interested in his stuff and happened on Hilda? He couldn’t know more until he was able to check things out.

He took the bridge over the river that separated his property from the Willow Hill campground.  Whenever he went to town this way he was tempted to drive slowly and scan the woods for elusive wildlife. Today, however, he focused on the road. Hilda needed to be stitched up.


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  1. Aha, so many questions! Love it.

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  2. Nice way to include the prompt.

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  3. Very intriguing! I’m as curious as he is. I want to know who was there and what were they looking for. You gave us a great slice-of-life in a just a few words.

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  4. Great excerpt!!

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  5. I wish picture prompts were longer than 300 words. I still want to know more…

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  6. Great post. Poor Hilda.

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