Friday Fun with Heather Eager

Friday Fun…

10 Questions with Heather Eager

  1. Tropical island or cabin in the woods: Cabin in the Woods. I love hiking and exploring in the mountains. It’s so peaceful and relaxing.
  2. Coffee or tea: I’m going to sound super boring, but I’ve started trying to get back into shape so it’s just water for me right now!
  3. Superman or Batman: Batman all the way. I don’t really go for the pretty boy look of Superman, and I love all the gadgets Batman has.
  4. Cooking dinner or washing dishes: Cooking dinner. We don’t have a dishwasher and old leftover food on dishes is super gross!
  5. Once Upon a Time or Walking Dead: Out of those two…Once Upon A Time. I’ve actually never seen Walking Dead. And only the first couple seasons of Once Upon A Time. But it’s cute and an interesting twist on old stories.
  6. Snow day or spring break: Spring Break. I am SO over snow. I live in Utah and we have had snow on the ground since November. It’s too cold to melt, so it just piles up each time it snows. BRING ME THE WARM WEATHER!
  7. Handwriting or typing: I’m so much faster typing, and I love how easy it is to delete, move paragraphs around, etc.
  8. Ten minutes early or twenty minutes late: Ten minutes early. If I’m going to be right on time, I feel like I’m late. Definitely need to be early.
  9. Cats or dogs: If I didn’t live in a small apartment, I would say dog. They are so much fun to have around, but they also require a lot more work. For my situation right now, it might have to be a cat.
  10. Five star resort or tent: I had a hard time deciding on this one, because I love both. But my final answer I think I’ll have to go with tent. It’s for the same reasons I’d rather a cabin in the woods. I love exploring the outdoors and love the feel of waking up in the middle of nature. That being said, if it’s going to be longer than 3 nights, I would rather a nice hotel. 🙂

DevilsPlayground453x680Sixteen-year-old Elizabeth Winters may be a witch, but she doesn’t know the first thing about magic—unless you count accidental bouts of spontaneous combustion. Elizabeth’s father, a wizard himself, has forbidden the use of her powers for her own protection, but when accusations of witchcraft start flying through Salem Village, she wishes she was more prepared. 
Despite her lack of magical knowledge, Elizabeth appoints herself to save innocent women from the demise the village has in store for them. Elizabeth finds, however, that she is not the hero Salem needs her to be. 
She meant to save them. She cursed them instead. 


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