Friday Fun with Jillian Chantal

Friday Fun…

10 Random Questions with Jillian Chantal

  1. Tropical Island or Cabin in the Woods? Cabin in the woods. I live near the beach so the tropical island would be too much like the weather at home. I’d like a change!
  2. Coffee or tea? tea
  3. Superman or Batman? Depends on who is in the costume!  LOL
  4. Cook dinner or wash dishes? cook for sure
  5. Walking Dead or Once a Upon a Time? Once Upon a Time
  6. Snow day or spring break? Snow day- don’t get those often in the Florida panhandle. 🙂
  7. Handwriting or typing? I love to write by hand but typing is what I do more of these days
  8. Ten minutes early or twenty minutes late? always, always early. Always!  LOL
  9. Dogs or cats? both!!
  10. Five star resort or tent? resort. The tent life and I have issues. I seem to always find the root in the ground to set my sleeping bag on.

Bring On The NightTo Be or Not To Be….My Valentine

Living in a small town can be wonderful since everyone knows your name. But when that name becomes tied to a scandal, the stares and whispers can become too much.

Mattie Bateman knows this first hand. When her fiancé called off their wedding the week before the ceremony, she became the object of pity and sidelong glances.  So she did what any sensible woman would do. She fled to a large city and rarely returns to the place of her heartache.

Home for the month of February, against her better judgment, she’s persuaded to accompany her father to the town’s Valentine’s Day party.  Upon arrival, across the room, she immediately spots Kevin Stevenson, the very man who broke her heart. The instinct to escape overtakes Mattie again. The problem is, Kevin is on a mission to explain himself and is as relentless as a hundred and twenty-degree day in the Mohave Desert. Even in the midst of a snowy winter holiday.


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  1. thanks for letting me pop in. You’re the best! Jillian


    1. You’re welcome! Glad to have you.

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      1. 🙂 thanks!


  2. jeff7salter · ·

    These questions look familiar. I think my answers will appear here in about four months!
    Enjoyed reading Jillian’s responses.


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