Friday Fun with Jean Joachim

Here’s Jean’s go at the questions:

  1. Tropical Island or Cabin in the Woods?

That’s tough. All my life I’ve preferred a tropical island, until I acquired a small  cabin in the woods. I guess the cabin in the summer, the tropical island in the summer. Or maybe I’m just a spoiled brat! Lol.

  1. Coffee or tea?

            Tea, clearly. Coffee is too acidic and upsets my stomach. I’ve been a tea drinker since I was four. All kinds of tea. Hot tea, Chai, iced fruit tea, iced mint tea, Earl Grey. I adore tea!

  1. Superman or Batman?

Gosh. I grew up with Superman. I think I have to choose him. He was my strong, fantasy protector when I was a kid. I’m loyal. Gotta still be Superman all the way. Besides, he’s funny and Batman is waaayyy too serious!

  1. Cook dinner or wash dishes?

After 30 years of cooking dinner, I’d opt for washing dishes. Or select the third option you obviously forgot. The one most women would select – going out to dinner and doing neither the cooking nor the dishes. Just the eating.

  1. Walking Dead or Once a Upon a Time?

Since I don’t know Once Upon a Time, I’ll have to select The Walking Dead. I must say, Rick appeals to something so basic in me, something that goes back to caveman instincts. He’s a survivor and I’d love to be his mate because he’s strong and totally devoted to survival. That’s very sexy.

  1. Snow day or spring break?

There was always something magical about a snow day because it was unexpected and you couldn’t do much but have fun at home, play in the snow, eat popcorn and watch movies. But I’m a spring girl. Love warmer weather, new flowers, fresh spring air and newly mowed grass.

  1. Handwriting or typing?

I’m a fast typist, but I also have beautiful handwriting. I spent my entire year in fourth grade working on my handwriting. And that’s something, considering I’m a lefty. I love to send handwritten notes.

  1. Ten minutes early or twenty minutes late?

This one is easy peasy. Definitely ten minutes early – for sure, always. I hate to be late and don’t like it when others are late, either. I think it’s disrespectful of other people’s time to be late. So I am never late, if it’s humanly possible to prevent it.

  1. Dogs or cats?

I had cats for 30 years. Not one cat, but several. I adore them. But when the last one died, I stopped using an inhaler. So now we only have a dog. No allergies there. We have a pug. I’ve fallen major, big-time in love with Homer and pugs as a breed. He’s a rescue. I’d never have anything but a rescue from now on.

  1. Five star resort or tent?

Five star resort. To me camping is a cheap motel. I don’t care to sleep with bugs and snakes. I love luxury, great service, beauty and comfort and am not embarrassed to admit it.

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  1. Thank you so much for having me on your lovely blog today. The interview was great. Questions really made me think!

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  2. Glad to have you! It’s been fun to see everyone’s answers. I’m a Superman fan too, although I’m not sure about the remakes. No one can do it better than Christopher Reeve.


  3. Yay Jean! It’s such fun finding out more about the others we interact with in this virtual world.


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