Friday Fun with Susanne Matthews

Susanne is the first brave soul to try out the 10 random interview questions, so here goes…

portfolioPic-20150722_opt1.       Tropical Island or Cabin in the Woods? Cabin in the woods as long as it has electricity, running water and indoor plumbing.

2.       Coffee or tea? Coffee in the morning, herbal tea, peppermit, the rest of the day.

3.       Superman or Batman? Batman–after all, he’s a millionaire.

4.       Cook dinner or wash dishes? — cook dinner, but sadly I generally do both–not really I have a dishwasher, but I hate unloading it.

5.       Walking Dead or Once  Upon a Time?  Once Upon a Time.

6.       Snow day or spring break? When I was teaching, I prayed for Snow days. Now, it doean’t matter.

7.       Handwriting or typing? Typing.

8.       Ten minutes early or twenty minutes late? Ten minutes early. I have a real problem with people who are late.

9.       Dogs or cats? Cats

10.   Five star resort or tent? Both, but at different times. There’s something to be said for camping in a tent, which I do each summer, but who doesn’t like to be pampered? 


The White Iris_optThe White Iris is the third book and final book in the Harvester Series

 Book One, The White Carnation, begins the hunt for a serial killer kidnapping pregnant women, murdering them, and then vanishing with the newborn infants. But there is much more to the crime than the detectives on the case can possibly imagine.

 Book Two, The White Lily, continues the hunt, but the Harvester is angry, determined to reclaim what he sees as his, not caring how many have to die for him to achieve his goal.

 About The White Iris

 Time’s running out for Special Agent Trevor Clark and his FBI task force. They’re no closer to uncovering the identity of the Prophet, a dangerous serial killer who has been murdering new mothers and vanishing with their infants. If Trevor can’t unlock the clues, the killer’s threats to unleash what the FBI suspects is biological warfare could mean death for all of them. His only recourse is to swallow his pride and reach out to his former fiancée, the CDC’s renowned virologist, Dr. Julie Swift.

Two years ago, Julie ended their engagement after Trevor abandoned her when she needed him most. Now, faced with the possibility of the greatest epidemic since the Spanish flu, she has to put her faith and her safety, as well as that of countless others, into the hands of a man she doesn’t trust. Can they set aside their differences to stop the Prophet, and in doing so, will they find the love they lost?

From the streets of Boston to the wilds of Alaska, this thrilling conclusion to the Harvester Series takes several turns you won’t see coming!

Sensuality Level: Sensual

About the author:

A former high school teacher, Susanne Matthews lives in Ontario, Canada, with her husband, the inspiration for all her heroes. When she’s not writing, she enjoys camping in summer and romantic getaways in winter. Find Susanne Matthews, on Facebook, and on Twitter @jandsmatt.



  1. Susanne, I’m with you on the cabin in the woods. And do you camp with an electric blanket and microwave like we do?? Best wishes on your series!


  2. I just started this series and have gotten a handful of interviews turned in. They are so fun! I’m with you on the cabin in the woods too… electricity, running hot water, and wifi. I’m a happy camper.


  3. What fun this was (even if it’s not Friday any more). Finding out more about one of our wonderful Tuesday Tales members. Thanks for sharing with us Susanne, and thanks Joselyn for a great idea!


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