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Tuesday Tales

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We’re back with Buck. He’s trying to help Marilyn out, but his sister has other plans for him.





After Buck retrieved the toothbrushes and steel wool that Ken had requested, he headed over to the Turkey Stop Campground. With Marilyn’s studio closed, he had no excuse to get out of helping winterize the camp.

He discovered Ken and Penny crouched inside the women’s shower house, arguing about the grout in the tiles. The tiles themselves were a mustard yellow that carried its glory from a few decades back while the grout had acquired a dingy, iron-stained shade of orange. Even to Buck’s untrained eye, the combination was unpleasant.

“Maybe we should paint it,” Penny said, grabbing the bag of supplied from Buck and burrowing for a ball of steel wool.

“You can’t paint tile,” Ken replied. “Nothing we can do short of chipping away the grout and replacing it. And if we’re going to do that, we might as well remodel the whole bath house.”

Buck believed he had entered this conversation at the wrong time. Unfortunately there was no backing out now. He edged away, searching for the chemicals he’d used the previous year to tone down the iron deposits.

“If we redo the showers, I’ll have to charge an extra dollar.” Penny pointed to the coin collector which regulated how long each shower would run by the how much the camper was willing to pay.

Ken scanned the stall and Buck could tell he was calculating the costs in his head. “If you raised the price by a quarter, you’d have your investment back in a month and the place would be more sanitary. If we changed the showerheads, and pump, the pressure would increase while the amount of water didn’t.”

Penny eyed him skeptically. She turned to Buck. “What do you think?”

Buck knew better. She never wanted to know what he thought. She wanted someone to agree with her against Buck. Buck wasn’t dumb enough to get in the middle of that fight.

“I’d have to see it on paper.” He tossed the bag of toothbrushes their way.” If you tear everything out, you won’t scour away your fingertips.”

“I could vote for that.” Penny held out her hands. The tips of her fingers were raw and gouged, and the nails would take a manicurist hours to chisel smooth. “What did you decide about Marilyn?”

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  1. Great snippet! Sounds like they have their hands full with the renovation.


  2. Ooh, being a camper, I can certainly picture that bathhouse. Been there, seen that. Poor Buck. Always in the middle of Ken and Penny’s situations. Good luck, Buck!


  3. Love this snippet. Great dialogue, so real. And now I’m wondering what they’re going to do about the grout! Well done.


  4. oh man, been there with old tile. Ugh. don’t envy them that task. Great story! Jillian


  5. Nice scene! Very realistic. Yes, I feel for poor Buck. But he seems smart enough not to get roped into the middle of a debate.


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