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Tuesday Tales

Welcome to Tuesday Tales!! Catching up with the Christmas story this week. Check back next week for the ending!


Lacey recalled the evening. Her anticipation of meeting Tom for the special question he’d hinted at in the note. How she’d fixed her hair and makeup so meticulously. How she’d spent the extra time to make sure her nails were flawless.

And then she’d waited fifteen minutes and she’d succumbed to sitting on a bale of hay as the sunset faded. Twenty more minutes as she checked her phone and social media for explanations for his delay. Thirty more minutes and she checked the emergency services pages for news of an accident. Each search came up with nothing. No explanation for Tom’s delay.

Two hours later she’d finally left, no longer feeling pretty and humiliated that she had expected one outcome of her evening and she’d left the barn with the exact opposite in her clutches.

The next day and the day after that no message from Tom had arrived to explain his absence or resolve the break in their relationship.

She’d limped on, day by day, attempting to stuff the hurt in a dark corner of her heart and wall it off brick by brick. Each morning, something had razed the wall she’d started and she had to begin at rock bottom again.

“I don’t understand how you could do it.” She shielded how you could do it.” She shielded her eyes with her hands to hide any evidence of the tears that threatened.

“I could do it? Who dumped who here?” Tom’s voice held a sharp edge.

“What? You made it pretty clear that you wanted nothing to do with me.” The first time Lacey had seen Tom at the grocery store, he had pretended she didn’t exist and that was when she had started to remind herself that maybe she had made a narrow escape.

“Only after you sent Kyra in your place.” Tom’s dog whined as the thunder clattered in the distance. Tom dug his hands into the dog’s fur.

“I barely talk to Kyra, let alone would ever send her to talk to my expected fiancé.” Tears were no longer a threat. “How would you ever believe that?”

“Because it was what she told me.” Tom shifted to the floor, so the dog was sheltering him from her stare.

“It wasn’t a message sent from me. Why would I send a message when you wanted to meet me?” Lacey rubbed her temple. A headache was starting on the sides of her head. The pain had likely started with the change in weather, but was only becoming more severe as the conversation with Tom unfolded.

She had stuffed all these memories away and locked the truck, but now the lock was rusted away and the lid was rattling. A moment of clarity stumbled through her fog. Something wasn’t adding up here. “I didn’t sent Kyra to meet you, but she knew you would be here.” She left the question unsaid. How had Kyra known Tom would be at the barn?

“You didn’t send Kyra,” Tom repeated. “And I didn’t invite you.”

Lacey winced. Although it explained the situation, the way he said it ground a little more salt in the wound.

“You don’t have to say it like that.” Lacey rubbed the goosebumps off her arms.


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  1. Powerful writing. I feel her broken heart.


  2. Well done. Nothing like someone else stirring the pot to ruin a relationship. I felt their pain and confusion.


  3. Makes me want to kick Kyra in her meddling little rear end. Great snippet!


  4. Well darn it! That Kyra needs a good boot to the bottom!


  5. And now I have to wait until next week?? Noooo! Great snippet.


  6. Emotional exchange that gave me goosebumps. I felt her pain and questions. Now I’m wondering what Kyra has been up to and feeling like she may need a good slap. Great piece.


  7. I’m with everyone else. Kyra needs a swat!! Well done! Jillian


  8. Let me give Kyra a nice smack … i hope these two can sort it out!


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