Christmas Treats for December

Happy December!

Twenty-five days until Christmas and my kids are counting down. With Christmas comes baking all kinds of goodies and treats. I’m not much of a culinary artist, so I rely on my husband to pull creations out of the oven (instead of charred clumps).

This is one of my favorite recipes:


Keep stopping by as other authors share some of their favorite cookie recipes.

Don’t forget to check out my Christmas story, Seeing You Again.

Seeing You Again book coverAfter twenty-five years with Sam, their lives revolving in circles that barely touched let alone overlapped, was it time Margie consigned their marriage to an album of faded photographs? The Christmas ball at her mother-in-law’s retirement home would either be the final straw for their failing marriage or the perfect chance to reignite the old flame. Can the happy-go-lucky shenanigans of the retirement community remind Margie and Sam that falling in love has no age limit?



  1. What an interesting (and delicious) way to use Hershey kisses. I’ve had them centered on a cookie but never IN it. Yummy. I bet those kids are a lot of help in the kitchen…hopefully? Looking forward to more recipes in December!! Really enjoyed Seeing You Again…perfect for holiday reading.

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  2. So it’s a cookie with melted kiss in the middle? Yum! That sounds easy and great for the Snickerdoodles.

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    1. They are so yummy. I tried to make gluten-free ones this morning, but that didn’t turn out so well.

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      1. I like your inventiveness.


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