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Marilyn woke the next morning with the new familiar disorientation. After rubbing her eyes, the events of the previous twenty-four hours flitted back into her memory. The surgery, Buck, Lark.

Each one, a lot to take in by itself. Together, overwhelming was twelve miles back.

Who to call and what to tackle first jumbled for priority.

Lark. Her daughter. After a brief reconnection, she wanted more. What was Lark like? She was the only blood relative Marilyn had. What was her occupation? Did she want to her mother?

Should she call Lark? Or wait for Lark to contact her?

Her stomach growled. It was too much to contemplate on an empty stomach. She’d left her phone on the side table last night. She reached for it. What time was it and how long would she have to wait for breakfast?

There was a soft knock at the door, then a nurse entered with a tray of covered food. It was hospital food but anything sounded good right now.

The nurse greeted her and placed the tray on the rolling table. She came beside the bed and checked Marilyn’s vitals. “Looks good. How’d you sleep?”

“As well as can be expected. It’s hard to sleep with all these wires and cards.” Marilyn draped a couple tubes over the side rail on the bed.

“Sorry, they have to stay on a little longer.” The nurse noted something on her chart, then moved the table to Marilyn.

“Thank you.” Marilyn removed the cover on the main dish to reveal a mound of rubbery eggs.

“Eat up. Someone will come for your tray in a little while.”

Marilyn nodded, poking the eggs with her fork. They jiggled. Appetizing. She closed her eyes. It wasn’t her typical diet, but in order to get her strength back, she had to eat. Her stomach rolled as she moved a quivering forkful to her mouth.

The taste was worse than she feared. Cold and meally. How was she ever going to choke these down? She grabbed her glass of water and washed the eggs down.

Another knock on the door interrupted her next bite. She dropped the fork on the plate and pushed the table away.

Buck peeked around the doorway. “Good morning.” He waved a cup from the cafe where they met yesterday.

“At least you’re starting the morning off right.”

Buck side-eyed the cup and handed it to her. “Actually, having been in the hospital recently, I know what the food is like.” He held out the cup to her.

“You got it for me?” Marilyn accepted the drink and took a sip. “How did you know mango-coconut was my favorite?”

“I asked at the cafe.” Buck shoved his hands in his coat pockets. “I tried the special, but citrus-choco-edamame is not for me. I’ll stick with ice cream and chocolate syrup.”

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  1. Lovely snippet … and I love this phrase: Together, overwhelming was twelve miles back. 🙂


  2. Love this. The hospital food made me laugh. Nothing worse when you’re feeling like heck than cold, slimy, congealed eggs.


  3. Flossie Benton Rogers · ·

    Wonderful contrast between the hospital food and the delectable drink he brings her. Great job.


  4. Nice snippet! What fun coffee flavors! I’m not a coffee drinker, but they definitely sound better than the hospital food.


  5. Yes, the joys of hospital food. I know those well. Nice work as always!! Jillian


  6. Sometimes the eggs are even green at the hospital too. Buck is a sweetheart to bring her something.

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  7. lol! I’m with Buck. I’ll stick with ice cream too. And oy…the hospital food. How appetizing to a sick person.


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