Tuesday Tales – #TT1 – Picture prompt

Tuesday Tales

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Buck’s still at the hospital and his visit isn’t getting any less complicated.

“You can tell Penny that I’m fine. Just came here with a friend.” And it looked like Marilyn needed a few. Buck moved to a window that faced a tree-lined avenue behind the hospital. Orange and yellow leaves fluttered from the limbs as a gust of wind crossed the open space.

“You’ll have to tell her yourself. She’ll be there any minute.” Ken paused. “What friend?”

“That health coach I’ve been seeing.”

“Seeing?” Ken’s voice perked up. Penny was rubbing off on him. She couldn’t leave a romance alone. In only a few short months, Ken had picked up the habit.

“Who’s the matchmaker now?” Another gust ruffled more leaves, probably signaling Penny’s arrival.

“You said ‘seeing.’ It implies dating.”

“It implies using my eyes.”

“And what do they see?” The curiosity in Ken’s tone couldn’t be ignored.

“A very nice, lonely woman.”He thought about Marilyn’s newly discovered daughter. Maybe her loneliness was about to change.

“And looking for a man to end her loneliness?”

“Who are you?” Buck shook his head. “No. She’s supposed to be helping me lose weight so I don’t keel over on you in the near future.”

“Oh.” Ken chewed on that. “Is she pretty?”

“She’s a fitness instructor. What do you think?” Buck hadn’t considered her looks. He’d been more concerned about how she would torture him each time they met. He had to admit she was an attractive woman, although the type he was not usually attracted to.

“When’s your next class?”

“Aren’t you married to my sister?”

Speaking of which, Buck could hear her down the hall, demanding an escort to his location. “She’s here. I better head her off before she disturbs the entire floor.”

“I’ll remember where we left off,” Ken said before he hung up.

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  1. Hahaha ….loved the dialogue … very real, Ken’s great.

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  2. Looking forward to seeing where this goes next!

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  3. Great dialogue! Love the guy-to-guy connection. Brothers-in-law. So real. Looking forward to the next step for Buck.

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  4. Joining the chorus…great dialogue here!

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  5. cool. Love the banter. Well done. Jillian

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  6. Such wonderful dialog!

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  7. I’m with the others, great dialogue! And you found a great way to work the outdoor picture prompt into a hospital room scene. Great job!

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