Tuesday Tales – #TT1 – Gold

Tuesday Tales

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Buck scanned the insulated pots and found one of hot water. Behind it was a colorful basket of tea bags. Buck extracted the basket and passed it to Lark, then filled a cup of steaming water.

“Thank you so much for calling me,” Lark said as she tabbed through the tea packets.

“I didn’t mean to.” Buck tossed his empty cup into the garbage. “As I said before, I don’t know Marilyn very well and was hoping to reach her family or friends to let them know she was in the hospital. I stumbled on your number. I didn’t mean to interfere in a delicate situation.”

Lark smiled understandingly. “You couldn’t have known, but I’m so grateful. I’ve longed to meet my birth mother. If you hadn’t brought her to the hospital, that might never have happened.”

“How is she?”

“Resting now.” Lark dunked a tea bag into her cup. “Are you going to stick around?”

Buck checked his watch like he had a schedule for today. He didn’t need to be anywhere or run any errands. “Sure, I can stay. At least until some of your mother’s friends show up.”

He filled a second cup of coffee and sat on one of the stiffly stuffed chairs.

“How do you know my mother?”

Buck balanced his cup on one of the gold circles in the upholstery pattern of the chair.

“She’s trying to get me healthier.” He patted his stomach as if his weight problem wasn’t obvious.

“She’s a health coach?”

“I guess that’s what you’d call it. Feels like she’s trying to torture me,” Buck grumbled. His arms and legs protested every time he moved.

“I’d love to know anything you can tell me.”

Buck sighed. “She wants me to exercise, do yoga, and drink some horrible green shakes.”

“Huh.” Lark blinked, then sipped her tea. “Who knew I would be so much like her?”

Buck clutched his coffee cup. Was she going to make him stick his heiny in the air like a dog too?

“I’m studying to be a naturopath. Maybe we’ll be able to work together.”Lark’s face brightened.

Buck wished that for both women, but hoped that he wasn’t the object of their passions.

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  1. Poor Buck. No good deed goes unpunished. Love it.


  2. Yoga and green shakes?! That poor man. =D Great post!

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    1. I’m not on board with the green shakes either.


  3. Oh no, two health nuts in Buck’s life now! This is not going to turn out well for him, me-thinks.


    1. I think they’re going to find the handsome man under all the weight. 🙂

      But I have no idea. I don’t know what is going to happen next.


  4. Buck better practice his downward facing dog while she is in the hospital. What a great name for Lark.

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    1. I like it too. It took me awhile to come up with it.

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  5. I feel his pain! Green shakes?? Unless they have pistachio ice cream. Lol. He’s a sweetie. I’m wondering what’s going to happen with Lark and Marilyn.


    1. Or chocolate mint. I’m wondering too. Guess we’ll both find out next week.


  6. I’m not sure about the green shakes either. LOl … great snippet.


  7. I got so wrapped up in the story that I forgot to look for the prompt. Great snippet!


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