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They pushed Marilyn’s bed into the room and hooked up the necessary monitors and machines.

A moment later, the nurse returned with Buck who seemed slightly reluctant to enter the room. The nurse shooed him toward the bedside, then pointed out the call button if it was needed.

Buck pulled her purse from under his arm and set it on the table beside the bed. “How are you feeling?”

“A little groggy yet.” Marilyn took another sip of water. “It was nice of you to stay.”

Buck smiled, but the expression was tight. “You may not think so in a minute.”

“I don’t have a lot of family, so I appreciate having someone here for me.” She reached out to pat Buck’s hand where he gripped the railing on her bed. “Don’t feel you have to stay. I’ll be ready to make some phone calls in a few minutes.”

Buck winced at the mention of phone calls. He pulled her phone from his pocket and handed it to her.“I was trying to find a family member to call…”

Marilyn swallowed. She knew what was coming next. Her life was isolated. She had a few friends, but her parents had disowned her many years ago. She had learned last year that they had both passed away.

“Thank you for trying. I don’t really have any family.” She remembered the phone calls she’d tried to make yesterday.

Pain highlighted Buck’s face. “That’s just it. I made… a call. I truly didn’t mean to interfere. I didn’t know, and this probably isn’t a good time.” He kept looking toward the door like a crazed animal was going to jump through it at any second.

Marilyn clutched the phone in her hand. Who could he have called in her contacts that would have him this upset?

“I’m sure it’s fine.” It had to be one of her friends. Buck was probably uncomfortable being in her hospital room. A lot of people were uncomfortable in hospitals.

There was a knock on the door and Buck flinched. If he could have crawled under her bed, he probably would have. She could see the terrified look on his face.

“I’ll take care of this. Send them away. You probably don’t want visitors right now.” Buck edged toward the door.

“No, really, it’s fine. Let them in.” The pain medications must be pretty good because once the anesthesia fog had cleared, she couldn’t imagine anything upsetting her as much as Buck suspected it would.

The door opened before Buck could get it. A young woman appeared around the curtain. She had long, medium brown hair, a flowing floral blouse, and a leather mini-skirt.

This must be what Buck was upset about. He’d called one of her… who was this girl? Marilyn couldn’t place her at all.

The young woman smiled. “Sorry, I stopped in the gift shop. It didn’t seem like a good idea to show up empty handed, then I didn’t know what you would like.” She held up a clear plastic pumpkin filled with candy corn. “But this was so sweet and it’s just what I would have picked, so it seemed right.” She stopped rambling and looked into Marilyn’s face. She blinked and rubbed her hand across her eyes. “I promised myself I wouldn’t cry because you just had surgery, but I’m so excited to meet you and you’re just like I always imagined.” The girl handed the pumpkin to Buck and dug in her hobo bag. She pulled out a handkerchief and wiped her eyes.

Marilyn shot a look at Buck, searching for any help on who this young woman might be. He smiled stiffly and didn’t seem to understand when she mouthed ‘who?’

Planning to tell the young woman that she had the wrong room, Marilyn turned back to the young woman.

Her jaw dropped open. “Is this—” she couldn’t even finish because she never expected this moment to happen and certainly not like this.

Buck’s head moved fractionally in the affirmative. He looked like he wanted to dash for the door.

The young woman looked at her hopefully. “Mom?”

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  1. I love this! Can’t wait to see what happens next!


    1. Thanks! Glad you stop by!

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  2. Wow! In just these few words you managed to make me tear up. This is such a wonderful story. The emotion leaps off the page right into my heart. A cliffhanger here, too.


  3. It hurt my heart how her parents disowned her and she didn’t have anyone. Great line about a grazed animal. Fabulous ending zinger–now she has more than expected.


  4. Mom? Love this twist.

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  5. Great ending for an emotional excerpt. Well done!

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  6. Great snippet! You’re keeping me captivated and especially now with that ‘mom’ question. Creative way to use the prompt too!

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