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Tuesday Tales


Welcome to Tuesday Tales!!

Buck’s going to be stuck in his little predicament for another week while we find out what’s going on with Marilyn.

“Stitches?” Marilyn croaked. Her throat was dry and raw.
“Let me get you some water.” The nurse poured some water into a styrofoam cup, then plopped a straw into it.

Marilyn sipped it gratefully. The scratchiness of her throat eased, and the cool water woke up her brain. “What am I doing here? Why do I have stitches?”

She shivered.

“I’ll get you a heated blanket.” The nurse floated to a cupboard on the far side of the room, extracted a white blanket and started to unfold it and she returned to Marilyn’s side.

To either side of her bed, dismally patterned curtains hung, blocking her view of the other patients in the room. Recovery, stitches? Had she hit her head when she fainted? No, the stitches were on her abdomen.

The nurse spread the blanket over Marilyn. The warmth soaked soothingly into her body. Her shivering slowed.

“You’ve had surgery, an appendectomy.”

Marilyn blinked. The cramps weren’t her usual monthly visitors? “What?”

“Your appendix burst before you got to the hospital. You are very lucky to be alive. The nurse checked her vitals and made some notes on a chart.

“My appendix?” Marilyn stammered, still bewildered that she had misinterpreted the signals from her body.

“The surgeon removed it and we hope that will prevent any infection spreading. Unfortunately, it also means we weren’t able to do the surgery laproscopically and recovery will take longer. You’ll need time for the stitches to heal.”

Marilyn was still reeling from the knowledge that she had just undergone surgery.

“We’ll move you to a regular room in a few minutes, and bring you some food. Your husband can visit us there too.”

“My-who?” Marilyn gasped.

“Bless you.” The nurse said as she relieved Marilyn of a couple monitors and prepared the hospital bed for a trek through the hospital. “The broth isn’t exactly shepherd’s pie, but we don’t want to tax your stomach too much yet.”

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  1. Love her questions. Burst appendix is serious. She should be happy to be alive, but I guess she’s darned confused.

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    1. It’ll take her a bit to process everything, I’m sure.


  2. With the way you described it, I feel her bewilderment at waking up and all that having been done to her. Thank goodness she got there in time.

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  3. Having undergone an appendectomy, I’m amazed she’s as lucid as she is! That scratchy sore throat from the tube I remember only too well.

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    1. Good to know. I’m planning to check with a nurse friend on a few details. 🙂


      1. Message me and I’ll be happy to tell you everything I remember.


  4. Poor Marilyn. I do feel sorry for her now.


  5. Wow, I feel so badly for her!


  6. I wonder who her husband is too.


  7. Great snippet! And I love how you used the picture prompt in a creative way where you wouldn’t expect it.


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