Tuesday Tales – #TT1 – Hardy

Tuesday Tales


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We’re back with Buck who is cowering in the face of exercise.

“Yoga is a low impact exercise. It’s a great way to begin a more active lifestyle.” Marilyn sipped her tea. The green tea had steeped too long and had a bitter tinge. She drank it anyway. The ritual would help her think.

“I’m all for lifting weights, running laps, whatever you throw at me…”

Marilyn raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t be in this predicament if I did those things, but I did have cancer.”

“Usually people lose weight during chemotherapy.”

“I did lose some, but my daughter-in-law is an excellent cook.”

“So she kept you stuffed with hardy meals and you were too weak to exercise.”

Buck shrugged.

“Now it’s nice to heal the rest of your body.” Marilyn leaned across the table. “It sounds like your family wants to keep you around.”

Buck looked at her like she’d suggested he go through chemo again.

“It won’t be as bad,” Marilyn pushed her empty cup away. When Buck didn’t appear convinced, she added, “I promise.”

Buck shifted in his chair. “I’d rather face six months of chemo than Penny if I don’t give this a shot.”

“So that’s how she got you here.”

Buck sighed. “Let’s get this show on the road.”

“You’re not going to finish your tea?”

Buck reached for the cup, then pushed it farther across the table. “No thanks.”

He stood and pushed his chair into the table. “Let the torture begin. What’s first? Stick my heiny in the air while kissing the floor?”

Marylin couldn’t help but laugh. “I haven’t heard the word ‘heiny’ since I was twelve.”

“You must be hanging out with the wrong kind of people.”


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  1. Ha,ha! I love his reaction. As a yoga practitioner I hear that kind of thing all the time from newcomers to the mat.

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  2. Made me giggle!!

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  3. Cute. I love the heiny comment. Funny! Jillian

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  4. Wonderful dialogue and great humor.

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