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Tuesday Tales


Welcome to Tuesday Tales!!

Buck has been forced to return to yoga class…


The door buzzed and yanked Marilyn out of her contemplation. She spun to see Buck outside the glass door with his hands on his hips. He was arguing with someone hidden behind the poster listing the classes for the studio.
Marilyn tiptoed to the side to see who had Buck’s dander up. Just then, a hand reached out to jerk the door handle. The alarm sounded again. Buck grabbed the hand and shoved the door closed. He remained a stone Buddha on her welcome mat.

What were they arguing about? A mop of pink hair bobbed into view and Marilyn recognized Buck’s sister, Penny. A smile tugged at her lips. So that was how he arrived at the studio this morning. If Penny had a plan, resistance was futile.

The door flung open letting in a burst of unair-conditioned heat. Buck stumbled through the opening, propelled by a solid shove in the back. Penny scampered in behind him.

“Good morning!” she called in a voice signifying multiple cups of caffeine.

Buck grunted. As usual. Hopefully they could move to actual vowels and consonants for communication at some point.

Marilyn moved toward them, measuring her steps with calm. Buck looked like a dog who had been scolded for chewing on the carpet, while Penny was ready to conquer the world, or Pine Bottom, whichever got in her way first.

“Good morning, Penny.” Marilyn folded her hands in front of her. “Good morning, Buck. Ready to get started?”

He shot a look at Penny that would have sent a less formidable will cowering.

“Of course he is.” Penny shoved his shoulder. “When should I be back to pick him up?”

“Two hours.” Marilyn took a little pleasure in Buck’s reaction. His jaw dropped open. “We’ll take it easy today.”

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  1. Penny’s a pistol 🙂

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  2. Ha,ha! That Penny is something!

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  3. Love it. Poor Buck!

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  4. Fun scene! I love how he’s forced into it:)


  5. Love this. Looks like Buck’s going to have a lively morning!

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  6. Great scene! My favorite sentence is “Hopefully they could move to actual vowels and consonants for communication at some point.” Loved that. It reminds me of me in the morning lol

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