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Tuesday Tales


Welcome to Tuesday Tales!!

Buck has agreed to meet with Marilyn, although he’s having some second thoughts about keeping his word.


Maybe Marilyn wouldn’t recognize him and he could duck out the rear to the parking lot.

Buck was half out of his seat when she spotted him and waved. She wore a long, loose dress with a wide sleeves and a heavy, hemp necklace. Her skirt swayed and swirled around her mesmerizingly.

He should have run when he had the chance.

He could suffer through one lunch. There were a few other things on the menu besides the wheatgrass slurpees.

“I wondered if you would show up.” She smiled displaying pristine white teeth and dropping a tote bag from her shoulder to the third chair at the table.

“We had an appointment.” Buck shrugged.

“Wonderful. I like a man who keeps his word.” Marilyn clasped her hands together and breathed deeply.

Buck’s nose twitched. Who would want a nose full of hay fever that this deli appeared to be?

Marilyn’s eyes popped open and she settled a smile on Buck again.

The expression needled something deep inside of him, but he couldn’t decide whether it was a pleasant awareness of being with an attractive woman or the tentative gulp that the tiger had identified him as its lunch?

“It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it? Have you looked over the menu?”

She was one of those people who walked around high on life. Every moment, fragrance, and twinkle delighted them.

“I’m not very hungry.” His stomach had growled only moments before she arrived. Hopefully, it would keep it’s grumblings quiet until he could satisfy it with juicy hamburger.

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  1. Hehe…I think he’s definitely feeling like the prey. Hope she doesn’t mess him up too much.

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  2. Great excerpt!


  3. Great use of the prompt. What a unique lunch establishment!


  4. Wheatgrass slurpees? Hilarious. Great excerpt. Now I need to know why he feels the way he does and if she really is a tiger.


  5. I really like the underlying humour in your snippets. Can’t wait for more.


  6. Cute, cute, I love that he’s jonesing for a burger. I would be too. Fun use of the prompt. Jillian


  7. Oooh…he seems pretty uncomfortable. And I’m pretty sure he’s the prey. Great job!


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