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It’s time to check in with Marilyn, Buck’s nemesis–ahem, potential love interest?

After Marilyn tapped in her password, the wallpaper of the road leading to her cabin appeared. She took a deep breath and released it slowly. The calming picture and exercise allowed her to process her work in a much more organized manner. Without the picture of last summer’s vacation to relax her mind, her work proceeded in an unfocused jumble. The picture reminded her of early morning, mind-clearing walks.

First she checked her email and found several from established clients. She answered their questions or soothed their concerns, giving encouragement and advice as necessary. She made notes to follow up with a couple people by phone later in the day.

Next she addressed the doctors’ referrals for new clients. Only a coupe today. She clicked the first email and scanned the summary. Male, 62, prediabetic, overweight, cancer survivor. She closed the email and studied the cabin road again.

In her experience, men, especially those nearing retirement, weren’t interested in applying advice from a health coach. They wouldn’t listen to anyone with an alphabet soup of letters behind their name and they wouldn’t give her half an ear as she guided them through portion sizes and exercises.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t afford to turn down clients, especially ones that could earn her a bonus from the Senior Health Initiative. This man could easily achieve a five percent weight reduction and that would have a domino effect on his blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. For every five seniors she helped reduce their health risks, she received an extra thousand dollars. She had three clients hovering just above the guidelines. This man could put her over the edge.


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  1. hmmm…weighing the pluses and minuses. I have a feeling she’s going to take on the challenge 😉


  2. I think Sarah may be right about her taking on the challenge. 😉


  3. Interesting snippet … hope she’ll take on the “challenge” (to use Sarah’s words 🙂 )


  4. I like seeing her thought process about her work. Yep, there’s quite a job ahead of her I suspect. Great scene.


  5. She’s a health coach. Of course she’ll take on the challenge. And if the client is Buck, welll…..


  6. Intriguing.. Wonder how she’s going to tame this man and get him to follow her guidelines?


  7. The setup always makes me smile. Can’t wait for the next excerpt. Reminds me of my brother-in-law taking yoga because the doctor decided it would be good for him. 🙂


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