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Tuesday Tales


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Buck’s escape from yoga class may not be as permanent as he hoped…


Buck scowled. “Figures you’d take her side.”

“It’s not a side, Buck.” Dr. Wellman flipped through his charts. “You’ve beaten the cancer back, but according to your recent blood tests, diabetes is right on its heels.”

“What does that mean? Am I going to have to get shots everyday?”

Dr. Wellmen pressed his lips into a line. If nothing changes by your next appointment, we’ll have to evaluate the need for insulin.”

Buck shuddered. He no longer tolerated needles and the seasonal flu shot. He’d had enough needles stuck in him over the last few months. The thought was enough to chill the leftover heat from the yoga class.

“What do I need to do?”

“Two words: diet and exercise. Fresh fruits and vegetables, thirty minutes of exercise a day.”

“My daughter-in-law makes an apple pie that makes you want to lick the crumbs off the floor.”

Dr. Wellman laughed. “She’ll understand if you take a smaller piece.”He dug in his pocket of his lab coat and withdrew a blue business card. He flipped it over, then proffered it to Buck. “This lady is a wellness coach. She can help you rearrange your diet and incorporate some low impact exercise to get you moving.”

Buck looked at the card. Marilyn Auburn with contact information and a swirly design. The swirl looked familiar. He sighed. It had been on the ceiling of the yoga studio. Probably the same Marilyn he’d met this morning.

“I think we’ve met.”

“Oh, good,” Dr. Wellman said. “She’s offered a flexible schedule for my patients.”

At the word flexible, a completely different picture popped into Buck’s head of Marilyn standing on one foot with her palms on the floor in front of her and her other foot raised to the ceiling. That wasn’t just flexibility. That was impossible.


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  1. Another great excerpt … I like the underlining humour in the story to what seems is a serious subject. well done

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  2. He’s handling everything very well, and I love that he thought of her out of the blue.

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  3. Another great snippet!

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  4. Very nice! Great way to use the prompt – all seamless!


  5. Love Buck. I think everyone knows a Buck.


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