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Tuesday Tales


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We couldn’t leave Buck on the floor too much longer…


Buck heard shuffling around him as his classmates rolled on their sides and sat up. Before he could even attempt to throw his weight to the right, his sister’s voice blared, “What a great workout. I feel so relaxed.”

A couple other voices joined hers as a few of the other women regained an upright position.

Buck rolled to the right, then dropped back to corpse pose, feeling much like a turtle stranded on his shell. Penny wasn’t going to talk him into this torture again. He’d come up with a list of excuses to have ready. Even she could be dissuaded by the need for an emergency colonoscopy— a procedure he’d prefer since he wouldn’t remember a bit of it.

He rocked his weight to the side and managed to catch himself, and push into a seated position. The room wobbled and shuddered. Must be a big truck rumbling by. But the black spots that floated in front of his eyes confirmed that the bobbling was in his body and not the ground beneath it.

“First timer, eh?”

Buck squinted up at a woman in orange stretch pants and a hot pink tank top. She stood in front of him, looking every bit as relaxed as the instructor said. On closer inspection, she appeared much closer to his own age although her flexibility belied that fact.

“Last time, too.” Buck contorted himself onto all fours and slowly eased to his feet. His back, hips, and knees snapped and popped. The black spots got a little thicker before fading.

“The first class is always a little strange, but I’m sure you’ll appreciate the work your muscles did in the morning. I’m Marilyn.”

“’Appreciate’ won’t be the first word out of my mouth.” Buck didn’t dare move. His hips felt so loosy-goosey, he was liable to land on his can after a step or two. He introduced himself, “Buck.”

“Stiffness can set in overnight, but just work through the sun salutation and those muscles and joints will loosen right up.” The woman patted his arm. “Good to have you here.”

Buck grunted something that could be interpreted as same here and escaped to Penny. She swung a towel around her neck and sipped from a dripping water bottle. She barely needed that towel while his shorts and t-shirt were swampy, sticky mess. Penny had lied when she said yoga was low impact. Now he needed a shower before he headed to his doctor appointment.


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  1. I felt a little like Buck when I tried yoga. 🙂

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  2. I tried yoga and learned I was like Buck–not cut out for it. Could barely move the next day. Great scene.

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    1. I’m always surprised how sore I am. 🙂

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  3. I just started yoga a few days ago and am enjoying it so far.

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    1. I like it too. My muscles are usually very tight and it does help.


  4. I’m in Buck’s camp. No yoga for Me. Love this scene.

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  5. Hahaha … not sure whether I wanna give yoga a try now ….. nice excerpt!

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  6. Yoga used to feel so good back when my knees would allow it. I love seeing how Buck handles this new experience.

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    1. I think there’s going to be more in store for him. Mwahahaha!

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  7. lol! Poor Buck. I love yoga myself, need to do it more often, really. 🙂

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    1. It really helps stretch. I should do it more too.


  8. I loved it! Great job of how you described his reactions to a new experience. Good way to use the prompt.


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