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Unfortunately, I was getting too close to the end of Penny’s story and didn’t want to give away the ending, so if you want to find out what happens to Penny and Ken, you’ll have to wait until the book is released.

That means today we are going her brother Buck in his first attempt at yoga class.

Buck tried to insist that he could wait in the truck, but Penny had demanded that he come inside the yoga studio and participate. Sometimes with sisters–and especially sisters like Penny–it was better to go along and hope that the experience didn’t land you in the hospital or a coffin.

He had no doubt that the yoga class would put him in the former if it didn’t stuff him in the latter. He’d earned far too many dirty looks as her harumphed and grunted and occasionally swore as the yoga instructor demonstrated poses that were supposed to strengthen the body and mind. Even with modifications, he expected to tear something more important than his shorts.

With each new pose, a series of thoughts buzzed through his head. “That doesn’t looks so bad.” “Nope, it is.” “The human body wasn’t meant to contort like this.” And finally, “That ain’t gonna happen.”

As they finally finished with everyone on the floor in corpse pose, he wondered how long they were lay there before orderlies with gurneys came to haul them to the morgue. Buck popped his eyes open to make sure the rise and fall of his chest was evident. He didn’t want to be mistaken for an actual corpse although he did feel older than his sixty-two years.

After another minute he welcomed the idea of a gurney. How else was he going to get off the floor?




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  1. lol! The poor man! Hope that gurney comes along soon…well, that or some lovely lady that will get him moving to his feet on his own. 😉


  2. Ha,ha! Sarah`s right, I hope the gurney shows up soon!


  3. Love the humor in this. Refreshing and well done!


  4. 🙂 I used to go to yoga with my sister. We’d wake each other when we fell asleep in the corpse position.


  5. Loved the sense of humour in the snippet. Well done.


  6. Hilarious! I’ve done yoga and felt the same way! Great snippet, amusing and true-to-life at the same time.


  7. This is hysterical. I love this character! Jillian


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