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Tuesday Tales


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Penny’s apology to Ken didn’t work out as anyone planned. (I thought the book would end with that scene. Penny had some surprises for me too.) So here is Penny rehashing it and sorting out her emotions with her niece Sidney.

“Ken said the spillway proposal was all to preserve my childhood memories and that he changed the plans because he loved me.” Penny scratched her fingernail across the raised plastic bubble on the cover of her coffee.

“And you said…”Sidney leaned against the table, her hands cradling her own steaming cup.

“That he was being ridiculous. I don’t know what my problem is.”Why couldn’t she trust him to tell the truth? What made her dismiss his words as merely charming notes rather than heartfelt utterances?

“Why does Ken loving you seem unbelievable?” Sidney’s forehead wrinkled.

“Unbelievable? Who said that?” Penny stiffened. Sidney was getting too good at reading people. In any other situation, Penny would say she had trained her niece well.

“Why else would you giggle?”

“Because he was joking.”

“Ken doesn’t seem like the type of man to joke about his feelings.”

“He doesn’t,” Penny agreed. If she knew that, she knew that Ken was a good man, a man worth loving, a man it would be wonderful to be loved by, why was she acting the way she did whenever he spoke to her from his heart?

“So why don’t you believe him?”

“It’s not that I don’t believe him, it’s that I can’t believe him.”

“I don’t see the difference.”

“I believe he believes it. He wants to be in love with me for some reason. Maybe competition with Harold or something.”


“Why would he really love me?”


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  1. Oh Penny. Get your act together!!

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    1. She’s causing me so much trouble. And I don’t have time to work on it.


  2. Oh Penny, for goodness sakes!

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  3. Awwww. Penny! Get with the program. Grab this guy before you lose him. Love this story!

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  4. But why wouldn’t he? Another great snippet!

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  5. sometimes we overthink the simplest things…but, i guess love isnt simple. 🙂

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  6. allee mae is Davee Jones btw

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  7. I believe him!


  8. I love the way you show her convoluted feelings and doubts. It’s very human the way we torture ourselves sometimes. Hope she can relax and accept his giving.


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