Tuesday Tales – #TT1 – Picture prompt: #bacon

Tuesday Tales


Welcome to Tuesday Tales!!

Penny’s back. She’s recovered from her sojourn in the woods and has been contemplating some of the things Ken said. (Sorry, I had to skip ahead a bit. You’ll have to wait for the book to find out about the vitamins. <ducks>)

Bacon and eggs, toast

Penny was proud that she had made it twenty-four without talking to Ken. Twenty-four hours and thirty-six minutes to be exact. But here she was knocking on his door, ready to—gulp—apologize.

She didn’t think he was sincere yesterday, but she had treated him rudely nonetheless. If anyone was ridiculous under this roof, it was her and she would wear the moniker proudly.

Besides, he hadn’t come down to get his lunch and the eggs were getting rubbery and the bacon fat had solidified. She’d have to nuke it when she got upstairs. She rapped on the door and opened it when Ken invited. He was hunched over the kitchen table with a pair of reading glasses perched on his nose, his shirt sleeves rolled up to reveal tanned skin even in April, and a stubby pencil stuck behind his ear. Blueprints, maps, calculators, and protractors filled the surface, along with a legal pad with half the pages rolled to the back.

She didn’t know engineers used protractors and blueprints anymore. She expected all that to be done on the computer.

Ken took his glasses off his nose an turned to Penny.

“I thought you might need some lunch.” She held up the plate. Just because she had come to apologize, didn’t mean she had to blurt it out at the first chance she got.

“Thank you, that was nice.”

Penny set the eggs on the table after Ken cleared a spot by folding the blueprints over in a lump. “What’s all this?”

“Calculations for the dam spillway.” Ken wiped his hands on his pants, then retrieved a fork from the drawer. He was poised to dig in, when Penny interrupted him.

“You should nuke that first.”


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  1. Nice read this week.


  2. I can picture him in my mind. Since I’m a sucker for a man in glasses, he looks just a scrumptious as the meal.

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  3. Lovely snippet!

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    1. Thanks!


  4. Rats! Now I have to wait a week to hear her apologize and see how he takes it. Love this pair!

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    1. You never know what Penny will say…


  5. I like her musings and how she made the extra effort.

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  6. Morgan K Wyatt · ·

    Great job with the prompt and the rubbery eggs. 🙂


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