Tuesday Tales – #TT1 – Sandwich

Tuesday Tales


Welcome to Tuesday Tales!!

We’re back with Penny, Ken, and Harold. Their relationships are getting a bit more complicated.

Ken arrived back at Penny’s an hour later, his stomach rumbling for one of Penny’s sandwiches. Since she was likely still at the river with Harold, there wouldn’t be any shaved ham and provolone on rye waiting for him.

He’d finally completed the measurements he needed for the proposed spillway expansion. Once he did the calculations, he would know whether his idea would channel enough water to prevent the upstream flooding each spring. If his idea was feasible, it would save the economy of Pine Bottom.

However, until the proposal was ready, it had to be kept hush-hush. The grants required were competitive and couldn’t be requested until the city approved a new recreation master plan. Once the city made those changes, people would protest the development unless he was able to present the values of the plan effectively.

He shook his head. The calculations were the easy part. Formulating the flooding plan a walk in the park. Presenting and selling the the proposal was where it got tough.

Ken removed the key from the ignition as his brain registered Harold’s car in the driveway in front of him. Ken had parked him in. Heh.

The gentlemanly side of him said he should move his car and park on the street so Harold could back out. The drill sergeant said let the miscreant find his own way out of his mess.

His moment of indecision lasted long enough to realize that Harold was standing on Penny’s porch with her purse in his hands. The man paced from one end of the boards to the other. He stopped by the wicker rocker, flipping the cushion up, then shaking his head. Had he lost something?

Ken climbed out of his car and headed to the porch. “What are you looking for?”

Harold startled, shifting the purse from hand to hand. “I was looking… maybe you could give this to Penny. She left it in my car.”

“Why don’t you ring the doorbell and give it to her yourself?” She is your fiance, isn’t she?

“She isn’t home.”

Weren’t you just with her, the drill sergeant snapped. “I thought she was with you.”

“She’s still out on the trail.”

“You left her out there?”


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  1. Nice — he left her out there! I’d like to smack him, but maybe Ken will do it for me. Harold needs to take a long walk off a short dock. Love Ken and how the story is progressing.

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  2. Jean said it perfectly! =D


  3. How can he just leave her there? Can’t wait for his explanation.

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  4. Dang Harold. I hope Penny is okay. I adore the way Ken said heh.

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  5. left her? can’t wait for next week

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  6. I’m with Jean. Smack down time!!! AND the sandwich sounds great. Jillian

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  7. He left her out there? What a jerk! Hoping she’s not in danger.

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  8. Leaving her on the trail tells it all.

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