Tuesday Tales – #TT1 – In the woods

Tuesday Tales


Welcome to Tuesday Tales!!

We’re back with Penny from In for a PoundShe and Harold have taken a walk along the river to sort a few things out, but have an unexpected guest. This week the prompt for the scene is this scenic road. (I’ve taken a little liberty with it.)

Ken’s steps hitched. It wasn’t unusual to come across an amorous couple during his hikes along the river. Thickets and hidden coves provided the perfect cover for clandestine assignations. Bridges were especially romantic in his experience.

Although, this couple appeared a little too familiar for his taste. Penny’s voice caused his heart to do the stutter-step that he couldn’t get used to, but Harold’s arm around her shoulder kickstarted a growl deep in his gut. Instead of instructing his feet to spin silently in the soft dirt and skedaddle from the scene before he was noticed, they charged forward in stomps causing his backpack to rattle with the urgency of frightening a predatory animal.

Could he consider Harold one?

Harold and Penny turned toward him and Harold’s arm dropped from Penny’s shoulder.

“Ken!” she shrieked, propelling herself to the other side of the bridge.

Sunlight broke through the trees and divided a path between the happy couple.

Ken immediately punctured the bubble of joy. No sense allowing one’s hopes to grow on nothing.

“Lovely afternoon for a walk.” He tossed into the ball of tension surrounding them. If he could have backed away, if he could have done the gentlemanly thing… he wouldn’t have subjected himself to this torture.

Now they were all caught in this spiderweb, suspiciously eyeing each other, wondering which one the spider would snack on first.

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  1. I love this! A private moment Harold was hoping to cash in on, interrupted. Three cheers for Ken!

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  2. I love that last paragraph!

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  3. I like this one: He tossed into the ball of tension surrounding them … nice post today.

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  4. very nice use of the picture, I liked the imagery suggested by the first sentences. I’m liking the way the story is moving. Jillian


  5. Skedaddle is such a great word and so underused. 🙂

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  6. Excellent scene! Great for this prompt and you have us right there with them. Loved your word weaving.

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