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Tuesday Tales


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We’re back with Penny from In for a Pound, and her afternoon is about to get a little more interesting… When she and Ken descended from the upstairs apartment, Harold, Penny’s preferred beau, was waiting for them. Ken makes a quick exit, leaving Harold and Penny to have coffee and cookies.

After they had discussed the recipe of the sugar cookies which reminded Harold of a batch his wife used to make around Christmas, Harold cleared his throat and took Penny’s hand.

“Penny,” he said, looking into her eyes. “I know we haven’t known each other for very long, but at our age, it seems ridiculous to wait forever. Would you like to get married?”

Penny’s mouthful of cookie jumped down her throat and grew eight, sticky spider legs. She coughed until her eyes watered. Harold proffered her mug of coffee and she took a gulp, washing the spider away. “Did I hear you right?”

His eyes sparkled. “If you heard me proposing, then you did.”

“Yes, I mean— yes, I heard you, but I wasn’t expecting—it’s quite sudden.”

“Like I said, we aren’t getting any younger. Why waste whatever time we have left apart?”

To say she was flabbergasted was an understatement. Her goal was marriage, but so many things were happening, she felt like she was ice skating on a hill. She had kissed Ken hardly an hour before and now Harold had proposed. Women thirty years her junior likely didn’t have this problem.


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  1. What a proposal and a half. LOL … Can’t wait to find out the answer 🙂

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    1. Harold really surprised me with this one.


  2. wow. She’s on a roll. I love it! Men all clamoring for her.

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    1. What a dilemma, huh?


  3. Younger women may not have this problem, but what a great problem it is! Two guys and decisions to make. Why do I think she’s not going to go with Harold on this? Great surprising post.

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  4. What a surprising post!

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