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Tuesday Tales


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Another snippet from the story about Penny from In for a Pound. Joshua and Sidney have just returned from their honeymoon. Joshua is Penny’s nephew and Buck’s only son. Sidney is Penny’s former renter of the upstairs apartment.

“Did you see any whales?” Penny dropped the get well cards on the front table and plopped in the recliner. She’d had enough of the sofa for a while.

“Oh, Penny!” Sidney sighed. “They were so majestic. We saw a mother and calf.”

“They stayed near the boat for more than an hour,” Joshua added. “It was incredible.”

Their conversation wove around random tidbits of the trip and Penny’s adventures while they consumed coffee and cookies. Penny was surprised more than an hour passed without Buck and his frequent follower Ken showing up.

“I should pack up some things while we’re here,” Sidney said, clearing the coffee cups from the table in front of the couch.

“Seems so strange that you won’t be living upstairs anymore,” Penny said.

“You’ll have to go all the way across town to visit us now,” Joshua kidded. “A whole two miles.”

Penny clunked her boot against the floor. “That’s sounding pretty far right now.”

Sidney returned to the living room. “You’re probably anxious to rent the place out. Do you have any single men or women in mind, so you can start matchmaking again?”

Her mind drifted to Buck’s suggestion about Ken living there. A weird feeling came over her. Was it contentment that she could easily find a new tenant? Or anxiety that the new renter might be Ken and he would only be a floor away? She couldn’t define the catch-your-breath feeling that flooded her chest.

“If Bailey moves back here, it’d be another year or so. Any other prospects?” Sidney said.

“Dad’s friend is looking for a place,” Joshua said. “Short term, probably, but it might work until you can find someone more permanent.”

“Buck might have mentioned that,” Penny said, pushing herself to the edge of her recliner. “He wouldn’t be a good fit. Let’s go up and see what you need to pack.”

“It’s only a couple of boxes,” Sidney said. “Joshua and I can get them. You don’t need to tromp up the stairs.”

Penny shook her head and stood. “I’m getting pretty good at stairs.” White lie, but they wouldn’t know any different. She was sure she could manage the flight if she took them one at a time. Ken had even shoveled them off yesterday, so she wouldn’t have to worry about snow. “I’ve been thinking about some renovations. It’d be good to see if my imagination matches the reality.”

They bundled up in coats and mittens and headed out the door. Despite her protests, Sidney and Joshua sandwiched her on the stairs, Sidney going in front to check for icy spots and Joshua bring up the rear to catch her if she fell. It wouldn’t do to remind him that if she slipped, they’d both end up at the bottom of the stairs with a higher number of bone pieces in their bodies.

She’d navigated all but two stairs when she heard the screech of tires behind her. “What are you doing?”

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  1. Uhoh…caught in the act of too much too soon! LOL.

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    1. So characteristic of Penny. 🙂


  2. Lovely scene. I like how they protect her.

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  3. Great snippet!

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  4. awesome- loving the protection on the stairs. I am a massive fan of whales so I Love that you included that.

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    1. It was one of Sidney’s motivations for winning the canoe races in In for a Pound. I would love to see them sometime.


  5. It that Ken coming to the rescue? Seems he’s the type to pull up just in time. She’d better rent to him. I want to see where this goes.

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    1. It very well could be. Although he may regret it…


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