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Another snippet from the story about Penny from In for a Pound. Penny has reached her limit with Ken and Elaine’s flirting.

“We should go upstairs and take a look.” Penny scooted her chair away from the table with enough force to take a serious gouge out of the flooring. Well, Ken could probably fix that too.

“What, now?” Buck asked, reaching out to steady her as she rose to her feet.

“Why not? We have nothing better to do?” Penny maneuvered her crutches under her arms and headed for the closet to get her coat and hat. She’d had exterior stairs installed for the apartment upstairs to give the tenants more privacy. The interior ones had been blocked off when the house was divided and Penny couldn’t remember where they were anymore. Just another thing she’d forgotten.

The bonus of checking out the kitchen of the apartment was that it would separate Ken and Elaine. Their schmoochy-goo was getting on her nerves.

“Where’s she going?” Ken asked from behind her.

“Upstairs to see what we can do with the apartment kitchen.” Penny shuffled through the shelf for her favorite cable-knit scarf.


“That’s what I said.” Buck lumbered across the living room.

Ken clambered to his feet and Elaine sputtered.

“We have nothing better to do. Why waste time?” Penny wrapped her scarf around her neck, then grabbed her stocking cap.

“You’ve been couped up for a few days. You may have forgotten that it is still winter,” Buck said.

Penny flinched, but jammed her hat on her head.

“I hate to leave this cozy kitchen. The wind outside is terrible.” Elaine cozied up beside Ken.

“What’s your point? A little snow and wind won’t hurt us.”

“Except when they have to navigate fifteen icy stairs on crutches.” Ken inched away from Elaine’s clutches.

“Have they even been shoveled since Sidney left for her honeymoon?”Buck asked.

Penny pulled her stocking cap off. She’d rather break her other leg than admit Ken or her brother were right. Getting across the room and squeezing into the bathroom taxed her crutching skills. There was no way she was getting to the apartment without an elevator.

This winter was not unfolding in her favor. Every time she turned around, something was acting against her: a flat tire in the middle of a blizzard, a broken ankle, and now her brother had a good point. How much more of this could she take?

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  1. Penny’s stubborness, or is it jealousy, is quite apparent in this episode. Great storytelling, Joselyn!

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  2. Great snippet, Joselyn!

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  3. I love the way you show her jealousy and frustration. I feel it. Great writing! I want to slap Elaine. Lol.

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  4. smoochey-goo lol love it


  5. I feel for Penny. I’ve had enough of winter too.


  6. Poor thing. Between a broken leg, winter … and men!
    Great scene.


  7. way to go on all the emotions being fleshed out. This was a great post this week


  8. Great excerpt! A lot of emotion.


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