Tuesday Tales – #TT1

Tuesday Tales


Welcome to Tuesday Tales!!

We’re back with Penny and Ken. Word has gotten out that Penny hurt her leg and one of her beaus has come for a visit.

Boy, Harold and Penny were laying it on thick. The sweetness and charm were enough to give a chocolatier sugar shock. Ken was glad to keep his distance, so the lovey-dovey goo didn’t splatter on him.

They kept talking in a similar fashion and Ken debated escaping to another room. If this was what women desired, he’d spend his last thirty years a bachelor. While he had no problem being affectionate and gentlemanly, this goo-goo eyes, snookems stuff was about to make him lose his muffins.

And yet, instead of heading out for a walk, Ken picked up the dessert plates from last night and put them in the sink. Washing dishes was a reasonable excuse to eavesdrop on the competition.

“YE-ouch!” Ken yelped. The water from the faucet came out scalding hot. He jerked his hand away from the stream, waving it around.

Buck spun backward and flipped his chair on its side. Penny attempted to jump from her seat. Her cast hampered her leap and she tipped sideways, only to stumble across Buck. Ken caught her before she bounced on the linoleum. He wrapped the arm with the unburned hand around her waist in a semi-dip position. His eyes locked on hers. Her breath hitched and Ken cursed through clenched teeth.

Harold finally jumped to his feet. “What happened?”



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  1. Great fun scene.

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  2. What a fun scene!


  3. Delightful scene. Well done! I enjoy it.


  4. Jeaninemcadam · ·

    Nice description…


  5. Ha! Love the scene! It’s fun, funny, and that last moment of electric heat was perfect. 🙂


  6. Thanks, everyone!


  7. Clever way to bring them closer together and right in front of the competition!! Love it.


  8. Haha! Great scene. Just picturing the tangled mess at the end had me dying. I guess I should be more concerned about the burnt hand and painful leg, but I’m not. Too wrapped up in the triangle going on.


  9. cleverly written

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  10. awesomely cute scene! Loved it


  11. Ken about to lose his muffins was too funny.


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