How do you know you’re crazy?

How do you know you’re crazy?

One way is to look at the challenges you sign up for. This year I decided to go big or go home. I signed up for Run the Edge’s 2015 in 2015.

The goal is to run 2,015 miles in 2015. Last year I ran 2,001. Fourteen more miles shouldn’t be a big deal, but it’s great to have a target in mind. I hope to have the miles more evenly distributed, so I’m not cramming a hundred miles into the last twelve days of the year. (That was crazy. I’m still a bit tired.)Finishing the Sleeping Bear Marathon

Other participants in the challenge have shared stories of life changes, or weight loss, or injury that have inspired them to set this goal. Their stories are inspiring others to make a change.

My story… I don’t know. I haven’t dropped a hundred pounds. I haven’t started running to negate a family history of heart disease. It’s just something I do because I am spectacularly uncoordinated at many other physical activities. In the last year, I’ve taught myself that obstacles aren’t always as big as they appear. I hope to inspire, to show my kids what it takes to achieve your goals. They have charts for reading and chores and going potty. I made a chart for them to see what I’m running toward.

2015 in 2015 goal chart

Since the New Year, the kids have checked it frequently, anxiously waiting for me to check off a number.

What are your plans for 2015? How are you going to stretch yourself, challenge yourself, and grow?

Current progress: 31/2015


  1. Congrats on achieving 2000 miles and stretching yourself to 2015. You are modeling goals and achievement very well for your kids and for folks who know you. I am stretching to reach a few goals this year, but not in running for sure. Want to learn to use tools for marketing my mysteries and to get a contract for my WIP. I’ll cheer you on in running and you can cheer me on in writing! Thanks!! What a team.


    1. Go for it!! You can do it! I’m so impressed with how you have embraced new technologies. Awesome.


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