Tuesday Treats!!

It’s time for  Tuesday Treats!!


We’re going to get you through the Tuesday blahs. In the treat basket today are:

Green upholstery bag

This bag is a little bigger than the Shirt and Pants bags, but the handles are a touch shorter. It is fully-lined and has an interior pocket for pens or your phone. There is also a fun embroidery design. 🙂

(There is only one bag. The front and back are different.)

Green upholstery bag

Other side of Green upholstery bag

And an Astraea Press Drop Card! The card includes the following books:

Astraea Press Drop Card

If you aren’t sure what a drop card is, well, it’s pretty cool. You log into the information on the back of the card and you get to download these six books for free. How awesome is that? (I think it helps if you log in on your computer first, but then you can send them to whatever device you want.)

What are the six books? 

Samurai’s Garden, Patricia Kiyono; Along the Way Home, Christi Corbett; Labor of Love, Felicia Rodgers; Climbing Heartbreak Hill, Joselyn Vaughn; Molly’s Folly, Denise Gwen; Shining Moon Rises, Stephy Smith.

So how do you win these treasures?

Pretty easy! Leave a comment below before midnight. Winners will be chosen on Wednesday.

To leave a comment, click on where it says ‘2 comments’ or ‘4 comments’ and you will see the comment window.

(Because this involves mailing actual packages, this treat is for US residents only. Sorry. 😦 Stay tuned though, there will be others.)

Happy Tuesday!



  1. Ena brondyke · ·

    Really enjoyed the books I’ve read so far! That bag looks great too!

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    1. Thanks, Ena! Glad you could stop by!


  2. What a cute bag! You are a very talented lady, between your sewing and writing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Kathy! That’s so sweet! Thank you for coming back every week.


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