Infinity Scarves and Giveaway

My sister has been creating all kinds of cool scarves out of scraps that’s she’s trimmed off pants or snipped off skirts. They are awesome.

denim and plaid scarf Skirt hem scarf

And they got me thinking. A couple scarves would be pretty simple to do and I have some fabulous fabric. This one I got from my sister. She says it was leftover from a dress that my mother had. She remembers it because my brother fell asleep on my mom’s lap in church one Sunday and the pattern imprinted on his cheek.

blue and pink infinity scarf

Yes, my mannequin is still wearing the pink sweater. It looks better there than on me.

I used the instructions found here:

They are very easy.

This weekend, I decided to sort through a couple boxes of leftovers from various projects. There were a lot of t-shirt sleeves. Hmm, will have to come up with something to do with them. I also found two thrift store dresses I purchased to make the girls dance skirts. I cut the bottom 10 inches or so off and put elastic in the waist so they would have something pretty to wear with their leotards. More than half the time, they preferred to wear the leotards skirtless. Figures.

Flowered fabric

There appeared to be enough fabric left to attempt a scarf from one of the dresses. It had to be pieced and this was tricky because the dress was cut on the bias and the material was slippery. Some of the edges are a bit wobbly, but since you wear the scarf twisted, it doesn’t really matter.

Red flowered infinity scarf

As I wrote this post, I realized that I used measurements in my head for this scarf, instead of the one’s in the instructions. It is much narrower for a different loo, I guess.

**If you would like this scarf, leave a comment for a chance to win. A winner will be chosen on Friday afternoon.

the rest of the dress.

This is what is left of the dress. I’m trying to convince myself to throw it away. The top flowered part has a stain, so I can’t use that, but something about the lining won’t let me toss it in the garbage. Any ideas?


  1. I think the lining would make a nice scarf, too! Or maybe the lining in one of your tote bags.


    1. Good idea! I’m running out fabric pieces big enough to line the tote bags. I’ll have to see if it is also cut on the bias. That might be tricky.


  2. Hey! You went blue for the New Year! Zippy.

    Anyway, I agree with Patty–another scarf or lining for a tote bag. Helpful (and creative), aren’t I?


  3. Beautiful, stylish, and practical to keep you warm in the cold weather!! I just heard from the doctor on abc news to be sure to wrap a scarf around your neck and to have it long enough to go under the zipper in your coat because body heat escapes through the zipper!! Better make some scarves with long tails!! BTW, I like the blue here.


    1. Speaking of zippers… I get to replace the one on my daughter’s coat tomorrow. A task so awful, my sister, a professional, won’t even do it. But I have a zipper and I don’t want to spend the $$$ on a new coat.


      1. Grrrrr….that IS a job. But you can do it! Otherwise there’s always duct tape!


  4. You are such a talented, gifted lady!! What a Blessing to so many…


  5. Congratulations to Tess Grant! You are the winner of the infinity scarf!


    1. Woot woot. Go Tess. You’ll be stylin’. Will you have to share it with your daughters? Congrats!


    2. Yay! That’s great news. Thanks so much, Joselyn.

      And yes, JQ, that was my first thought–oh no, I’m going to have to share.


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