Asymmetrical Cardigan in Pink!

I’ve had this sweater hovering in my closet for quite some time. It’s a pretty simple crew-neck, with a cable pattern in a pink wool. I know, pink wool, what’s not to love?

Well, the shape for one. Despite being a fine-gauge knit, the sweater was rather boxy. And the crew-neck, much too high to be flattering on me, but it saved itself from the donation box with its pink wool. Surely I could do something with that.

In my mind, I thought I could fashion it into a cute design I saw on Pinterest. (Yeah, where have you heard that before?)

The design had a slit across one shoulder that was tied together with a black satin ribbon. I thought it would be an easy transformation. Cut the slit, find a black ribbon, and wa-la!

Then I looked at that weird crew-neck. If I wanted to do it, I would have to cut the neck larger and figure out how to finish the edge without it getting all wobbly. That sounded much too difficult. I haven’t worked with sweater knits very much and didn’t want to risk it.

But a cardigan, that sounded nice. I could always use more cardigans. So I commenced to cut up the front of the sweater a bit off-center to make it interesting. I even stay-stitched along where I intended to cut, so the sweater wouldn’t unravel. I sewed lace seam tape along the opening and it came out pretty well, not nearly as wobbly as I feared.

However… that neckline. I couldn’t figure out a place to put the buttons on that would make the neckline less weird. It either looked like it was strangling me or it would flip over and show the inside of the sweater. Ideas would look great on my mannequin, but when I tried them on me, they were frumptastic.

Part of the problem was the shapelessness of the sweater. Using one of my other frumpy sweaters, I shaped the body of the sweater to have some curves and that improved it some.

But the neckline and the closure, what was I going to do about that?

Remember how I didn’t want to do anything with the neckline? It came to that. I cut it larger, stay-stitched it carefully to keep the sweater from unraveling, then zig-zagged along the edge to give it a ruffly (and definitely, wobbly, but at least it was on purpose) edge.

Asymmetrical pink cardigan

Sorry, Tess, I forgot the before picture. Here it’s looking pretty cute on the mannequin. It goes great with the mannequin’s skirt that I have to figure out how to shorten and take in. (It involves a complicated waistband and redoing the zipper. It’ll be awhile before I tackle it.)

That looked pretty good, so I wimped out on the buttonholes and simply sewed the buttons and the two front pieces together. So it’s a pullover cardigan… or something.


  1. Brave woman to take on a project like that. Very cute though.


    1. Thanks! I *had* to do some more searching on Pinterest to figure out a closure that would look decent.


  2. Cutting up a sweater is something I would never think of doing, no matter what color it was. But yours looks great – bravo!


    1. My sister did one that was really cute. She crocheted flowers for buttons, but she is much braver than I am.


  3. Your creations always look adorable. I was thinking of making a Christmas quilt with leftover fabric from a zillion things. Frantic still laying on floor and I searched for an easy pattern but haven’t gotten any farther….


    1. I have several pattern books for using up scraps. You are welcome to check them out.


      1. Might have to do that. I just want something simple. Lots of pieces are already in strips.


  4. I’ll let the before pic go, because the after looks fab! 🙂 I would be too afraid to cut up a sweater!


    1. Thanks, T! It wasn’t as scary as I expected it to be.


  5. Love the word “frumptastic”! The sweater is darling. And it’ll keep you warm too!


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