Crocheted Hand Warmers

The inability to be idle has been passed down from generation to generation in my family. If my mother wasn’t working in the garden, she was sewing. If she wasn’t sewing, she was knitting. If she wasn’t knitting, she was playing Flinch. If she wasn’t playing Flinch, she was sleeping.

My sisters (and brothers) and I are the same way. We’re always doing something.

My sister’s hands were getting cold at work, so she wanted something to keep them warm. She owns an alterations shop and can’t wear mittens while she’s sewing. It would make it really difficult to remove the pins, but might be a little safer around the steam iron.

Anyway, she crocheted up these little hand warmers. IMG_0819d

Red and gray handwarmer

Handwarmers in three colors

I thought they were too cute. They’d be handy for keeping your hands warm while sewing, typing, or even surfing Pinterest.

IMG_0823 IMG_0824

We’re working on instructions to make them, but need a volunteer to attempt the pattern after it’s typed up. My sister says it isn’t a project for a beginner, so that leaves my crocheting skills out of it. Any takers?


  1. How cute! But I’m a beginner, too.


    1. Yep, if it’s more than a double crochet, I’m in trouble and I can barely read the patterns.


  2. I had a guest author who knitted these fingerless gloves and gave them away at book signings so folks could read their e books with warm hands! Here’s the link
    I like the look of the crocheted warmers.


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