Astraea Press Christmas Blog Tour

“Warm Your Heart” Christmas Blog Tour from Astraea Press 🙂
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Astraea Press! We love this time of
year and our catalogue reflects it. We have lots of Christmas/holiday/winter
books we’d love for you guys to check out.

Why do we love Christmas so much? Hmmmm… Is it the cooler weather? The fires in the fireplace? Family gatherings? Or
our sweethearts under the mistletoe (yeah, I’m guessing mistletoe too 😉 )

Whatever the cause, we want to celebrate Christmas and this holiday season with
you. This is a two week tour and we are showcasing all of our Christmas books. Check out the
rafflecopter for a chance to win a free Astraea Press Christmas book of YOUR
choice (eep!). There is also a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card!
I want to thank Joselyn and all the other blogs who have offered to help.
All of their facebook pages and/or twitter are on the rafflecopter. I hope you
get a chance to visit them all.

So… MERRY CHRISTMAS from Astraea Press and our authors. Thanks for a great year.
~Kelly from AP

Here’s a sample of our Christmas books. We have two books for you guys

from Lindsay Downs
A Dog Gone Christmas by Lindsay Downs
When a call for paws goes out, five friends bring their collies without question to a friend’s house. They learn the collies are needed to help seven children with the grief of losing a parent in Iraq or Afghanistan. Now, with seven friends, four collie yearlings and their mother, they set out to help the children.
Not far away, a mother hopefully leads her seven puppies to safety from a man intent on selling them for illicit purposes.
By a miracle of fate, the two mother collies find each other right before the man sells the puppies.
That Christmas morning will be one the children will remember all their lives as they are united with the puppies.
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from Sandra Sookoo
Twelve Kisses Later by Sandra Sookoo
Can you find true love in a kiss?  How about a dozen?
Lucy Duckworth is comfortable with her life and in her own skin, and her habit of picking up orphaned cats is noble.  Yet when her roommate asks her to fill in at a kissing booth during the Winter Carnival, Lucy’s even-keeled existence suddenly tilts.
Matthew Kincaide has one simple motto:  live off the land, keep your head down, don’t talk a whole lot and never trust a woman.  Divorced and not about to give a female control over him again, all he wants is to deliver his animals for the petting zoo and go home.  Too bad his annoying brother coaxes him into buying tickets for the kissing booth.
Lucy’s and Matthew’s first kiss ends with a violent sneeze, but she can’t forget that first lip-tingling, take-me-away moment.  Though Matthew’s shocked by his first reaction, he lines up for a second chance.  Surely lightning can’t strike twice.  Will winter fun and a random accident derail their quest to find out how many kisses it takes to fall in love?
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