Fuel Your Creativity with Carole Brown

Traveling is a great way to spur the imagination. Carole Brown shares some of the places that have inspired her.


Love traveling around the country with my husband and my sons and now, more recently my three grandsons. We’ve admired many sights in different states and certain scenes are sure to set my imagination loose from the “jail” it gets into at times! It’s times like these that I so identify with the old song: Born Free. As if seeing the world for the first time, Lady Imagination inside me runs as wild as a gorgeous gypsy lady twirling through the fallen leaves of an Autumn’s sunny, but cool day.

Here are some of the sights that stirs ideas inside my crazy head:

Ÿ  White Sands in New Mexico

Ÿ  The green snake curving its way across southern Texas called Rio Grande


Ÿ  Rivers of chocolate in a Hershey Factory in Pennsylvania

Ÿ  Colorful and fanciful balloons flying high in New Mexico

Ÿ  The spot where your imagination–even when it’s a cloudy day and your eyes can’t see–sees the five states standing in one spot in Georgia

Ÿ  Sitting along the banks of mountain streams panning for gold while the old-timer guides our clumsy efforts



Ÿ  Seeing the lights of New York City with the most well known lady in the states still lifting her torch to heavenFloating down a river in Tennessee on tires

Ÿ  Catching glimpses of a coyote or an elk traveling through the mountains of Arizona.

And tons more scenes–too many to list here. But always lingering in my memory and in my camera waiting for the right story to spring forth on my computer.

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