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When my mom isn’t crocheting, she’s knitting. She taught me, but since she’s left-handed, I had better luck learning from a book. I haven’t been as adventurous as Mary who had tackled a Fair Isle sweater. Those are amazing. Maybe she’ll send one up to Michigan where it actually gets cold. 🙂

nordic sweater1

Knitting has been a favorite pastime since I was in 6th grade 4-H. That’s where I learned to make potholders and slippers. I guess Mother was right when she said I was good at reading directions, because from that one 4-H class, I’ve gone on to knit all kinds of other items by reading the directions and teaching myself different stitches and techniques.

Sweaters are especially fun to knit because wearing them shows off your handiwork. This Fair Isle cardigan is probably my greatest sweater achievement. The colors are bright and cheery and it’s heavy enough to wear as a jacket when the weather turns chilly here in Texas.

Fair Isle Cardigan

For a long time, I relied on detailed patterns that I purchased or found in magazines. Then one year when I was itching to knit a sweater, I couldn’t find a pattern I really liked. But I did find a book explaining the basics of figuring out stitch counts and measurements to knit a sweater without directions. That opened up a whole new set of possibilities for me.

Of course, here in southeast Texas, we don’t get to wear sweaters that often. So when I get the urge to knit, I often just grab some leftover yarn and start knitting an afghan. Sometimes I make small lap quilts and other times, I knit up a full afghan. It’s fun to give them as wedding, Christmas, or birthday gifts. Anything I don’t use is donated to the Linus Project, an organization that provides donated quilts and blankets to children in hospitals. And sometimes when I feel the need to knit in the heat of summer, I’ll make light baby blankets and donate them to the local crisis pregnancy center. Everything is knitted with prayers that God will wrap the recipient in the warmth of His love.


Check out Mary’s book:


Book Blurb

Summer camp is no fun for 13-year-old Brady McCaul. He’s targeted by the camp bully with cruel taunts and teasing. The girl with the cute dimples thinks he’s immature and childish. But worst of all, Mom won’t let him come home. She no longer wants him living with her and is sending him to live with his workaholic dad, the guy who left when Brady was seven.

Brady needs to figure out what he did wrong if he has any hope of changing Mom’s mind. When he discovers she might be in danger, he sees his chance and risks everything to get home in time to help her. But his quest leaves him in the middle of the lake late at night with a storm approaching. And Brady can only wonder if anyone, even God, cares about him.

Will Brady discover the truth about God? And the surprising secret behind Mom’s rejection?


Hear No Evil is available at

Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/kl5bovo



  1. Wow, these are fabulous! We could really use them up here in Michigan. Beautiful pictures, and your book sounds great too. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Thank you Patricia! I’m originally from WI so I miss being able to wear sweaters during cold winter months. Thanks for stopping by and joining the conversation!


  3. I”m so impressed you mostly taught yourself to do these, Mary. I’ve knitted a tiny bit in the past, but for the stuff you’re talking about, the math would defeat me. How nice the way your share the fruits of your labors.
    Lovely blurb and cover.


    1. Hi Marsha, My favorite is still just basic knit and purl. That’s what I use on the afghans but I use fancier yarn. 😉 Thank you for visiting and commenting!


  4. Thanks for posting this, Joselyn. It looks great!! And such fun to read the other creative posts.


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