Fuel Your Creativity with Shannon Vannatter

As  you know I LOVE sewing.  Shannon has given me a whole lot of inspiration with her post.

My mom always made her own clothes when I was growing up. Simple things—tank tops, shorts, pants—all with elastic waistbands. She taught me how to use a sewing machine and bought me some simple patterns to make Barbie clothes.

In high school, I had a friend who made her complicated clothes that looked like they came from expensive stores. We picked a pattern and fabric and she showed me how to make a really complicated long-sleeve blouse with no elastic in sight. It puckered and twisted and frustrated me. After ripping out all my seams at least twice, the blouse looked really good, fashionable, and expensive. But I hated it because it had been such a pain to make and never wore it.

After I got married, I bought simple patterns like my mom used to make. I made shorts, tank tops, and even dresses. But the dresses were basically sewing the front to the back, then hemming the neckline, arm holes, and hem. Cute fabric and a belt and they looked somewhat fashionable.

But I found my calling the first time I saw the home decor section in the pattern book. I’d seen the gorgeous satin valances, puffy bedspreads, and moire drapes in department stores and always loved them, but I’d never pay the price. Once I realized I could make it—wow—it changed my life. And my house.

Living room curtains

I bought the mauve moire fabric for my living room curtains when it was half price and the contrast fabric came off a clearance table. Curtains and valances don’t care if you pucker them during the sewing process. They’re supposed to be gathered.

White tiger bedspread


Bedspreads are a little more complicated, but I cheat—I only make bedspreads out of fabric that has a design where you can follow a line in the pattern. The white tiger bedspread has tiny white flowers on an off-white background. The flowers line up in nice rows and kept my seams straight.

Deer bedspread

The deer bedspread is in my 11 year old son’s room. My husband made his headboard and end tables.

Our latest project, the bed bench. My husband built it out of an old headboard and footboard and I covered the cushions and put the padding on the back. It’s in his man cave, so he picked the guy fabric.

Bed bench

We recently moved my office into a corner of the living room. I sewed peach and white striped curtains with seafoam and white ruffles and recovered my wicker furniture to match. A lot of creativity happens at that white desk surrounded by my favorite pastels and seashell collection.

Shannon's office

What home decor items have you tried your hand at?

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  1. This amazes me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. svannatter · ·

    I cheat a lot Nike. I don’t sew it unless it’s easy. Trust me. You can’t really tell in the pictures, but the bedspreads are quilted. That’s the hardest part. Getting all the batting pinned in place and sewing the middle seams with a sewing machine. I roll it to get it to fit.
    What amazes me is the furniture my husband makes. He’s always been talented, but he never did the furniture until our son wanted a rustic bed for his room.


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