It’s not going to rot, but still…

August flew by. I’m not sure what happened to it. Now here it is September. The kids are in school. Yes, ALL the kids! For two brief mornings, I will be home all alone. Well, not alone, the kids were concerned about this, but then they remembered that God is always with us. So I am not alone because God is with me. 🙂

However, it’s very quiet and that’s a bit weird.

It seems like I haven’t been writing very much lately and I wasn’t sure why. Then I realized the problem was this:

Tubs of fabric

Four new tubs of fabric! Just waiting for the creative juices to flow. My mom tends to worry that things will go to waste if we don’t use them quickly.  At the moment, I’m too excited about all the possibilities for that to happen. 

My sister is hoping to move closer to us (YAY!) and is clearing out her house. She has LOTS of fabric. Three of the tubs are from her and I have been gleefully sewing up a storm.  The last box is from WS Gager. She thinks that she isn’t going to make her college kids PJs anymore, so she gave me a huge box of fleece. Here are some of the projects I’ve done instead of writing.

maxi skirt

Maxi skirt. I’m not terribly adept at the selfie, but I assure this skirt looks much better with a shirt that matches and a non-fingerprinted mirror. This was super easy to make, too. I found some instructions on Pinterest.

Baseball PJs

I didn’t make the top. My sister thought our aunt had given her the fabric and the shorts needed to be finished. I had to do this one right away because it just fits my son. Next summer we might not be so lucky.

Heart bag

I love it when projects come out cuter than you imagine. This one makes me smile whenever I see it. It’s for a friend’s granddaughter.

Flower bag

I tried my hand at making a bigger bag and this one came out pretty well. I think I’m going to put it in my Etsy shop. (Although this picture is blurry. :-/)

Denim tote

Another bag. this one is lined in denim and has a flower pin. Hoping someone at the Christian school auction will want it desperately.

Fleece blanket

This is a fleece blanket in hunter or maximum security orange. I was going to do a border in the camo fleece, but was worried about the execution of that, so I serged the edges in camo thread and appliqued a deer head on it. My daughter wanted me to make PJs for everyone, but I didn’t think we needed to look like felons when we were sleeping.

There are more that I didn’t get pictures of. Some shorts, hats, a running skirt that’s a little more see-through than I expected.  It’s all been great fun.

But now that I have some quiet time, maybe I’ll get a little more writing done. 🙂


  1. Isn’t it wonderful to have some quiet time? I’m sure you’ll use it well. And I’m in the same boat as you for having lots of new fabric to work with. It’s fun coming up with projects – but they do cut into your writing time! Love your bags.


    1. Thanks, Patty! At least I can sew when the kids are around. They are more excited for that because there is often something for them. 🙂


  2. I think I need the bag with the flower pin desperately!! They all look fab.


    1. Thanks, T! I’ll bring it Thursday and you can check it over.


    2. I’m with Tess. I’m sure that bag will be a hot item during the auction (Or maybe a little pushing and shoving on Thursday!)


      1. Will I need to bring a referee whistle too? 🙂


  3. Flexing your sewing muscles is good and I’m sure while sewing you are thinking of story ideas. Such beautiful projects. I am envious. God is always with us. Amen!


    1. It always makes me smile when the kids say that.


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