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I wish we were able to do more homemade gifts for birthdays and Christmas. When I make something for someone else, I spend most of the construction time thinking of and praying for that person. Teresa has some wonderful ideas for easy, personalized gifts.


    As a grandmother on a limited budget with 14 grandchildren, I’ve had to get extremely creative in my gift giving.  One year when my grandchildren were younger, I made all of them no-sew blankets for their beds.  These were easy to make.  Even I couldn’t mess them up.  I made blankets with Virginia Tech logos, Spiderman blankets, a Jeff Gordon blanket, and a frog blanket, to name just a few.   Each blanket was matched to the interests of the child.  Smaller versions of these blankets also make great baby gifts or lap blankets for someone in a wheelchair.

No Sew blanket

    Last year was a little harder.  I made posters out of photographs I had taken.  I added an appropriate Bible verse to each photo, and framed it with an inexpensive frame.  One of the posters was a small boat on a lake, and I wrote, “He leads me beside the still waters. He restores my soul.”  Another was of Niagara Falls and another, a bunch of flowers.  Again I had tried to fit each poster to the person I was giving it to, but I’m afraid with less success than when they were younger.  I found that older boys really don’t appreciate my taste in art, or maybe they’re just not ready to hang Bible verses on their walls.  Several of the posters ended up in Nathan’s room.  But he liked them, and so did the older ones who had their own apartments.  I also made note cards out of my pictures and verses to give to friends.

     Of course almost every year I make homemade cookies and candy, and find inexpensive trays and containers from the dollar store to give them in.  These are always a hit.  The only problem is getting them to last until Christmas!         


Tokens of Promise book coverBook blurb:

“Tokens of Promise” by Teresa Polalrd

Inspired by The Bible, Genesis 38,  “Tokens of Promise” is an imagination of the love story of Judah and Tamar.

Release date: June 4, 2013

Category: Christian/Fiction/Biblical


ISBN (paperback): 978-1938708145   Retail $14.99.  Available at Amazon




“Beware, Prince of Hebron, her witching ways are strong.”  Ben Qara’s evil words still rang in his ears.  Judah is sure he was bewitched by the beautiful Tamar.  She is all he can think about.  But no, it must not be.  He will not break his vow to Yah.  He already has a wife, and he will have only one.  Tamar must marry Er.

Rescued from disgrace by the handsome Judah, Tamar is already in love with the kind stranger.  She eagerly followed Emi’s advice on how to win him.  It almost worked.  He’d promised.  If only his servant hadn’t come at that moment, she’d be his wife now instead of going home with him to be his daughter-in-law.   Why had her father agreed to this?  Surely he could see her destiny was with Judah?


“What are you talking about, woman?” Er demanded.  “Tamar is no harlot.  She’s the daughter of a Man of God, and Father bought her from him for me.”

“After he found her naked in the street and bought her back from her rightful husband,” Ruah said spitefully.  “Her family was gone from the town, but your father stayed in her home with her through the night.  How many times do you suppose he could have come in to her before my father arrived with the dawn?  You don’t believe me?  Ask the messenger who took the supplies back to Chezib.  It seems the whole town is talking about it.”

Er’s anger seethed, and he vowed revenge.  His father must die.  But not before he would see what he would do to the beautiful “bride” he had intended to foist off on him.

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  1. I’ve got nine grandkids, so I understand about budgeting for gifts! I’ve done the fleece blankets, too, but the posters are a great idea! Congratulations on your book – it sounds fascinating.


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