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Who wouldn’t love gardening with this cute little guy as a helper?

Eli in the garden

Weather doesn’t matter to a writer. Like the old Pony Express motto states: Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these [writers] from the swift completion of their appointed round. Writers can write whenever and whatever, and many of us have had to do just that!

However, some creative endeavors depend on the weather. Gardening, for one. Admittedly, most of my creative juices go into my writing, but I do reserve some of them for gardening. I live in Indiana, so my gardening efforts go into hiatus in October. Yet at the first hint of spring (and believe me, spring in Indiana hints for quite some time before appearing), my hands itch to play in the dirt!

Shoveling under last summer’s vines and debris, spreading new straw, digging those tiny holes to accommodate new plants: all of this feeds my soul. Even when I’m busy with a mountain of tasks, I try to sneak outside for at least some time in the garden.

spraying with Eli

This year, I’ve had an occasional partner in the dirt! Some of you may know that I’m now the proud grandma of a little guy from the Congo. Elijah has been exploring the wonders of gardening with me. Being just a squirt, he doesn’t do much except pluck off every berry he sees and squeal with delight when I mist him with the hose. But his creative know-how is growing. I expect that soon he’ll be weeding with the best of us.

As I mentioned, I’m a writer. One of my latest works is the (mostly) true love story I find that any creative activity adds zest and fun to life. I marvel at the wondrous creations that some of my friends and family come up with. And by far, the best thing of all is the sparkle in their eyes as they share.

Someday You'll Laugh book cover

about my husband and me. (Paul sometimes helps with the gardening, too!) If you’d like to know more about Someday You’ll Laugh, you can find it at:  http://tinyurl.com/c3nrzok

You can find all my books at: http://brendamaxfield.com/brendas-books.html

How about you? I’d love to hear about your creative outlets. 😀

Blurb for Someday You’ll Laugh:

Stunned when her boyfriend announces they should be free to see others when he leaves for college, Brenda pastes a smile on her face and walks away. Far away. Only to find herself irresistibly drawn into the arms of another guy.

Brenda’s previous boyfriend finds out, claims he made a huge mistake, and wants her back. She will receive a marriage proposal, but from which one?

Later, on her wedding day, Brenda awakens knowing something is wrong. Will she make it through the ceremony?

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  1. What a cutie! Maybe I’d feel more enthused about gardening with a helper like that!


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