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I love sewing as much Liz Botts does. The fabrics, colors, and textures are so enticing. I wish we had a picture of Pete. 🙂


I love to sew. When I was eight or nine, I convinced my grandmother to show me how her sewing machine worked. I can still remember the feeling of sitting down in the cool of her basement on hot summer days working on projects I designed myself.

My first creation was a stuffed monster made from a garish pink, green, and purple striped material. I drew on his facial features, and named him Pete. I also remember attempting to make pajamas from the same material. The best thing about learning to sew as a child was that I had no concept that I couldn’t do something. Sure, the pajamas didn’t turn out to the point where I could wear them, but they were a noble try.

As I got older I did a lot of hand sewing. I still had a sense that no project was out of the realm of possibility, and so I tried my hand at all types of projects, from stuffed animals to clothes to quilts. It wasn’t until my junior year in high school that I learned to read a pattern. I spent my free period helping the teacher who taught textiles and sewing. I learned along with her class.

Quilting became a favorite of mine over the years. Though my early attempts were pretty rustic, the blankets are still around and in use. My favorite things I’ve made are the things for my kids. Each one has an embroidered, quilted baby blanket, as well as numerous toys. Sewing is a nice outlet for me when I feel stressed. I can do it while watching TV or on a long car trip. And I love that my kids can ask me to make them things, and I can say yes. My next project will be firefighter coats for pretend play.

When I have writer’s block, sewing also helps me untangle the jumbles in my head. Focusing on a concrete activity soothes my mind, and leaves me free to think about the problems in my story.

Check out Liz’s book, A Family Name :

A Family Name book coverBlurb:

Still reeling from the tragic death of his best friend, Will Wright is now the guardian to the man’s two young children. He is further stunned when his biological daughter appears on his doorstep.

After years of dreaming of children, Charlotte Miller would give anything for her foster daughter, even if it means creating a temporary family with the girl’s father.

At first building a family from five hurting, fragmented people seems impossible, but slowly they come together. Just as things seem to be going perfectly, something happens that threatens to tear their fragile family apart. Do Will and Charlotte have what it takes to fight through the challenges for love and family?

My website is: www.lizbotts.com

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